All classes: Weekend Updates

R&W: For Monday, please make sure your specified holiday ad is put into the Google slide presentation for Monday. Remember not to label it based on its rhetorical technique utilized, but just by your name in your holiday category. We will finish the introduction to rhetorical analysis work Monday with Ken Robinson’s TEDTalk before finishing the holiday ad assignment.

TV 1: Filming for our news segment project continued today, and executive producers submitted the weekly log for your teams. All filming and our script must be completed by next Friday, 12/15. Our Ch. 9 notes are due next Wednesday, 12/13 for the Ch. 9/broadcast journalism quiz.

Writing for Pub.: Editor-in-Chief edits were due today and adviser edits are due for Monday. We have late nights Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

TV 2: We had announcements today, and your next deadline project is due next Friday, 12/15. New intros had to be completed by today.

Intro to JRN: We had our individual news story due today by the end of the hour, and I assigned your first legitimate summative news story today.

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R&W: Intro to RA, cont.

We first tried to finish with our introduction to Rhetorical Analysis Google slides presentation and associated handout from Tuesday. We need to finish the TEDtalk with Ken Robinson on Monday. I will need to check this in for points on Monday when we finish our holiday advertisement assignment using this Google slides pres. for you to fill out. You need to use your favorite ad and add it to the Google presentation with your name attached for tomorrow–make sure to put it following your specific holiday.

Out unit calendar is also attached.

You have a vocab quiz for week 7 words tomorrow: Pellucid, refractory, ductility, insipid, malice, misogyny, banal, cupidity, chastise, and deter.

20% project work time is tomorrow as well.

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Intro to JRN: News Writing, cont.

Your first task is to get at least one edit completed on each of your two notes–>leads–>stories assignment. From there, you will submit both to the inbox (clean draft stapled on top of edited/signed draft with edits/changes accepted highlighted). Attach the rubric on top. Check the one you believe is an example of your best news writing work.

Second, your next job is to go to the following Google Doc, and individually, you will work to write a 300-350 word story from the notes of one of the story topics. This will be submitted by the end of the hour Friday (12/8). You may pick #s 1, 2, 3, or 4 (1, 2 OR 4 may be the easiest).

Finally, starting Friday you will be receiving your final news writing summative assignment in which you will pick a SL/SLHS-related news story topic of your choosing to write a 400-500 word news story that uses at least three SLHS sources outside of this classroom. We will be brainstorming Friday, and you will receive the assignment then.

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TV 1: News Segment Filming

Filming continued today for our news segment project. I also assigned Ch. 9 Notes for our quiz next Wednesday (the quiz will also include questions regarding the broadcast journalism notes we have taken).

Filming for our project must be done by Friday, Dec. 15th.

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R&W: SSR/SSR Project + Grammar

We first read for the first half hour of the hour before I assigned this SSR project due next Wednesday. Afterwards, we went through our grammar packet from a few weeks ago to check our answers before I got page numbers.

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Intro to JRN: News Writing from Notes, cont.

You worked on turning your notes/leads into 2 stories today with at least 200-300 words, short paragraphs, the use of inverted pyramids, 2 direct quotes, a headline and byline.

Tomorrow, we will edit those stories in class, and you will submit both for a summative grade once the edits have been made. A clean version will be stapled to the edited/signed version.

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R&W: Rhetorical Analysis, cont.

We first began with a Bell Work in our notebooks regarding a Colbert Report interview with Frank Luntz, political consultant, and we worked to answer these questions: 1. What is the power of language? and 2. What is more powerful, images/visuals or words? Why?

From there we continued going through this Powerpoint using this handout. We left off on the P&G commercial and will need to finish on Thursday.

Tomorrow is SSR. I will assign your first SSR project then.

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