JRN: Updates to Due Dates

  1. We will finish the first amendment/freedom of speech work regarding Tinker and Barber first thing tomorrow, Oct. 26.
  2. Your feature story re-writes were returned, but if all of my edits were not changed/made in the rewrite you will need to fix and resubmit. Let me know if you have questions. Due Thursday, Oct. 27.
  3. Editorial/opinion piece optional rewrite due next Tuesday, Nov. 1. You can earn back those points lost by addressing all of my edits and requirements indicated.
  4. Position Letters for Staff due Monday, Oct. 31.
  5. All $150 to be raised for the publication of our newspaper that can stem from these forms: subscriptions/ads/patrons is due by the end of the semester. Keep track with your money here.
  6. Newspaper Evaluation form will be completed in class on Friday, Oct. 28.

We will have a style sheet quiz along with a review test next week. Here’s the style sheet.

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TV 2: Extended Schedule Deadline Project Day

You will have the extended time today (11:38-1:16) to complete a short video project of your choosing. THIS DOES NOT COUNT AS A MARKING PERIOD PROJECT, but it is a summative grade. However, before filming, you must not only show me the model/idea for your project (use sites like this, this, and this for inspiration), but I then must see the storyboard. Groups can be no more than 3 and you have until 1:16 p.m. to have this video edited and uploaded to the shared collaborative folder. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Groups are the following: 1. BA, KR, and LS 2. BB, CD, and CP 3. GW, TM and DZ 4. CL, EM, and BM 5. DL, MM, and JT 6. MF, SR, and CS

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R&W: Rhetorical Strategy Test + Collaborative Rhetorical Analysis Essay Prep

We first took our rhetorical strategy/fallacy quiz/test before looking at a sample rhetorical analysis essay and associated article. You will be having your own impromptu collaborative essay in class tomorrow regarding the speech work completed last week. I will assign groups at the beginning of the hour tomorrow. Here’s the big list of rhetorical strategies.

Here are a few more examples that are a bit further developed (they are based on this eulogy given for Princess Diana).

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R&W: Rhetorical Analysis

We finished up our rhetorical analysis group work today with the TFA articles from yesterday (we also had a bell work yesterday after I returned your notebooks that dealt with your opinion regarding what the purpose might be for us to learn about rhetoric and rhetorical analysis) before debriefing in our notebooks concerning our individual thoughts about whether or not our assigned article produced an effective argument. This needed to be at least half of a page of a claim/thesis-driven response and needed to use at least two embedded quotes that helped prove at least two examples utilized.

From there, you were assigned this speech work. Linked are the transcripts and then each individual speech if you can watch on your phone (JKF, Valvano, Clinton, and Obama) with headphones. This work will be due on Thursday at the end of the hour.

We will work to still have SSR briefly at some point this week, but the schedule may pose a bit of an issue, so fourth hour may be the only ones who luck out tomorrow. We will also be taking a fallacy/rhetorical method quiz on Friday. Study your notes and look back at the PowerPoints for examples. This will be summative.

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R&W: Notebooks, Vocab and 20%

We first finished up the logical fallacy notes (PowerPoint in previous post) from yesterday before submitting our notebooks, and taking our week 4 vocab quiz. Afterwards, you worked on your 20% project and completed an exit slip by the end of the hour. Please remember to read you assigned Teach for America article (Pro or Con) closely and skim the other for Monday. You can also check out some info about Teach for America here for a little context (scroll past the first slide). 

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R&W: Grammar and Logical Fallacies

We went over and shared the grammar work from yesterday after spending some initial time wrapping it up. Afterwards, we began going over the 26 logical fallacies that we will be using to find holes/flaws in arguments that we analyze in terms of their use of rhetoric. Here’s the PowerPoint. Third hour got to “Innuendo” and 4th hour got to “Glittering Generality”.We will need to finish tomorrow prior to the vocab quiz and 20% project work. There will be a reading over the weekend, so if you are absent tomorrow (Friday) please read through one of the Teach for America articles here, and some introductory material about Teach for America here. We are going to consider the controversy, and who has the better argument.

Here’s a calendar for the next few weeks. As always, it is subject to change.

Study for vocab quiz #4 tomorrow! Notebooks are due tomorrow! Check for the notebook rubric in yesterday’s post.

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R&W: SSR and Grammar

Fourth hour first needed to finish their rhetorical analysis activity from yesterday before submitting the work third hour already took care of. We then read our SSR books for the next 30 minutes before completing the linked grammar work in our notebooks. We will finish tomorrow. Notebooks are being collected on Friday. The rubric is below for what should be included:

R&W4CB  Notebook Check-Collected October 14th, 2016    ____/100

  1. Bell Work 9.7 ______/5 (previous English experience/what you hope to get out of R&W)
  2. Vocab Week 1 9.12 _____/10
  3. Piktochart Presentation Notes _____/10
  4. Bell Work 9.16 _____/5 (How do you feel in terms of writing the college essay? Explain-scale of 1-10)
  5. Vocab Week 2 9.19 _____/10
  6. Bell Work 9.23 _____/5 (How do you feel about your final HC weekend?)
  7. Bell Work 9.27 _____/5 (Bucket List)
  8. Vocab Week 3 10.3 _____/10
  9. Rhetorical Analysis Notes _____/10
  10. Vocab Week 4 10.10 _____/10
  11. Grammar Work with Sentences + SSR Quick Book Review _____/10
  12. Logical Fallacies Notes 10.13 ______/10
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