Honors 11: Life and Debt

We first debriefed regarding the essay I assigned yesterday (yesterday’s post has sample topics and sample essays–not in our same scope but of a similar vein). We then began watching, using this viewing guide, the following clips from Stephanie Black’s 2001 documentary titled Life and Debt:

Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3 (2 parts), Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6, Clip 7 (you may skip this one if time is running short), and Clip 8. (All hours got through most of the second part of clip 3 around the 4:00-5:00 minute mark). We will finish watching these tomorrow before working on this synthesis work.

The synthesis work is due Monday along with the Pratt passage work (plus the annotated address/”speech”), and the Kincaid/A Small Place passage work.

Also, here’s information about the IMF, WTO and the World Bank.

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English 10: Ch. 14-19 Quiz + Ch. 17 Focus (Sally Hayes)

We first took the Ch. 14-19 quiz before moving into the discussion regarding Ch. 17’s situation with Sally Hayes. We filled out the attached notes and submitted the Ch. 14-17 work from the last few days (turning point/museum) with the lying work concerning Ch. 8-10 to the inbox. We then began reading Ch. 20 aloud together. We are reading Ch. 20-22 for Monday and picking out our mock interview outfit over the weekend.

Here’s the creative project I am assigning tomorrow. It is due Monday, May 9th.

Also, here’s the sample essay for our response paper due May 15th with comments in the margins regarding what work structurally needs to be done.

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Honors 11: Essay, Pratt and Life & Debt

We spent the beginning of the hour going over the essay in detail. I will not have an answer at the moment to many of your questions as Duffy and I are still constructing sample/directive process work and a sample essay. Sample Essays: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (from last year–keep in mind their scope is not the same). Here are also some topics of globalization to consider–many can be found as problematic aspects of contact zones or dilemmas posed if contact zones are not constructively navigated.

We then wrapped up our conversation concerning Pratt’s Contact Zones (sixth will need to quickly do so tomorrow). Thursday we will work with Stephanie Black’s 2001 documentary titled Life and Debt that uses Kincaid’s narration from A Small Place.


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English 10: Catcher Essay and Predictions/Museum Work

We first started the hour by going over the response paper assignment for our novel. It is due May 15th. We will begin work drafting it the end of this week/beginning of next week, specifically regarding our claim.

We then went over and took notes down for Ch. 14 turning points and the Ch. 16 museum work. You were given the rest of the hour to read silently from an independent reading book or from Catcher.

Homework: Ch. 17-19 + annotations for Thursday

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Honors 11: Pratt’s Contact Zones

We first submitted our Method work from yesterday before delving into Pratt more fully. You continued to follow the directions from yesterday at the bottom. We then began our discussion concerning Pratt’s argumentative purpose regarding the Contact Zone. We will need to continue tomorrow. Your only homework is to read through the Globalization Research Paper directions for tomorrow.

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English 10: Ch. 14-16 continued

We discussed and went over what happened in Ch. 14-16 of Catcher, adding to our annotations as we went through them. We then got into small groups and worked on the Ch. 14 turning point/Ch. 16 museum worksheet from yesterday. We also went over that and I stamped it in. Afterwards, we began reading Ch. 17. You are reading Ch. 17-19 for Thursday + annotations.

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Honors 11: The Method + Pratt

We completed The Method work from Friday before delving into Pratt. Attached are the directions you followed for today. The Method work with the commercial/video text sets was submitted today along with your Notice/Focus notes concerning the Bahamas ad, or it can be submitted at the beginning of the hour tomorrow. We will continue with Pratt and discuss tomorrow. You will also be turning in your A Small Place work later on this week.

Here’s the version of Pratt’s “Arts of the Contact Zone” (or another version here) with figures mentioned attached and sections of text that were left out accidentally in the version you got on Friday. This version has brackets around the parts that are MIA in your reading.

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