English 10: Ch. 14-19 of Catcher

We talked a bit about Sally Hayes today and took notes on this (it is the second page of the pdf’d document, as the museum notes we took on the back of the 11-13 poster presentations notetaker are on the first page). We then jotted down on this symbols handout, one idea for what each symbol could depict. We will finish it Monday once it’s returned to you. We turned in the Ch. 11-13 poster presentation notes with the Museum notes on the back along with the Sally Hayes/symbol work we did today. We then took a Ch. 14-19 quiz after I stamped in Ch. 17-19 annotations, prior to beginning to read Ch. 20.

HOMEWORK: Ch. 20-22 + annotations for Monday

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Honors 11: Research Day

We went to the lab today, and I spent the first 5-10 minutes discussing the essay and what kinds of sources you should look for and reiterating what a flash point for your essay could/should be. I tried to clarify any general confusion. Remember, we will take this step by step, together. Don’t get overwhelmed. Take each part as it comes. I then gave you the rest of the hour to try to find 2-3 sources (remember, you may use any we read/watch in class as potential sources). Try to find sources that are dense, critical and provide interesting commentary concerning your narrowed topic of selection. Narrowing your focus as much as possible will be key. Use MEL/NYTimes/etc. for sources. Informational sources can be utilized to provide clarification but should not be one of your three main sources. I checked in with each of you (or almost each of you) to answer any individual questions you might have and share with me your topic/what sources you’ve found.

Here are some interesting op-docs to check out (we’ve already watched one together):

An African’s Message for America

The Deadly Cost of Fashion

Chinese on the Inside

VHS vs. Communism

Occupy Bakery

Bodies on the Border

Congo: The Road to Ruin

Bring your sources found on Monday. Feel free to start considering, once you’ve read through/watched your selected sources, what type of evolution will occur from your original claim, or even what the initial claim will look like. We will workshop thesis statements on Monday.

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English 10: The Museum in Ch. 16 and Sally Hayes in Ch. 17

We used pgs. 119-122 of Ch. 16 to answer the following questions regarding the Museum of Natural History on the back of the Ch. 11-13 notetaker (from the poster presentations):

1. What are the features of the Museum of Natural History as described by Holden?

2. What does Holden like about the museum?

3. Why do you think these things (#2) appeal to Holden?

4. What, at the end of the chapter, does Holden not go in to the museum?

We then transitioned into reading Ch. 17 together while those who had read ahead read in the hall.

We will discuss the situation with Sally Hayes and some symbols in the text tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: Ch. 18-19 + annotations. You will likely have a Ch. 14-19 quiz tomorrow.

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Honors 11: End of Life and Debt + Sample Essays in LMC

We finished watching most of the clips today (we skipped 10 and 11) and filled out the viewing guide with those we watched. We discussed. Your homework, due tomorrow to turnitin.com by 7:40 a.m., is to respond to the question on the back regarding the effect globalization has had on Jamaica culturally, economically and politically especially regarding the IMF. Use the narrated quote on a the back as a guide to your reflection. Feel free to use aspects of the documentary to support any claims made.

We then looked at some sample essays from last year up in the LMC to also give you the opportunity to hop on a computer if necessary but also discuss essays with other people at your table. We will meet in rm. 257 (one of the upstairs labs) tomorrow to research/look at more samples.

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English 10: SSR/Grammar

We first submitted our quiz corrections for 4-6/1-10 before silently reading for 35/40 minutes. We then worked on the following assignment on a new, dated page in our notebook to complete the following tasks:

1. Write a 5-sentence well-constructed paragraph that clearly shows a similarity between Holden and a character in your SSR book. You should provide specific examples and analysis that explains the similarity. Use evidence when possible.

2. Copy down THREE sentences from your SSR book that use commas and/or semi-colons, and explain underneath the sentence how you understand that comma/semi-colon to be used correctly.

No reading homework. You were given an extra day for your creative writing 1-page 12 pt. TNR assignment. This is due by midnight to turnitin.com.

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Honors 11: Life and Debt, cont.

We continued watching clips from Life and Debt today. First hour got through Clip 7 and second hour almost completed clip 8 (both skipped clip 4). Here’s some extra, clarifying information about the film should you be interested. Also, linked is some general information about the WTO/IMF/World Bank. We have a few more tomorrow to finish prior to looking at some sample essays before heading up to the lab to research.

No homework.

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English 10: Ch. 7-13 of Catcher

So, today we had a lot to cover. We began by finishing up our Ch. 11-13 poster presentations and taking notes on the handout. We will submit those on a later date (most likely Thursday because I have something I’d like you to complete on the back before submitting.)

I then had you take the Ch. 7-13 quiz. After turning in your quiz, I gave you back the Ch. 4-6 PID and Ch. 1-10 quiz. You may turn both quiz corrections in at the beginning of the hour tomorrow (Wednesday). In terms of the corrections made, Ch. 4-6 needs to be addressed by answering any incomplete portions or my questions in a separate color and adding depth to your responses. The Ch. 1-10 quiz can be corrected by identifying a quote(s) that proves the right answer. It must be properly cited parenthetically.

We then stamped in the Ch. 14-16 annotations and discussed verbally.

Bring your SSR book tomorrow. I moved the due date for the 1-page creative writing assignment to midnight tomorrow (4/22).

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