Honors 11: Ch. 6-8 of Gatsby

We discussed the Ch. 6-7 questions you answered of mine and also those that you had created for those chapters along with discussing the letters to Perkins from FSF briefly.

Next, you were given these Ch. 8 questions to complete in class and by tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: You are reading and annotating these two sonnets titled “Ozymandias” for tomorrow. I also attached this supplemental reading about ruins that we will read for Monday (don’t worry about it for now). Lastly, come up with your definition essay word!

Extra Credit Opportunity: Complete this computer game and send me the screen shot of the End Screen by SUNDAY.


  1. Definition Essay Rough Draft due by Friday the 16th to be checked in for points, Monday the 19th for the peer edit.

2. The Gatsby Exam has been moved back from Tuesday the 13th to Friday the 16th.

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English 10: Concept Maps and “Harrison Bergeron”

We first shared our concept maps in a round robin sort of way. We debriefed the analytical process before we delved into a paralleled supplemental text in relation to Anthem titled “Harrison Bergeron”, a short story by Kurt Vonnegut. We took some notes on Kurt Vonnegut in our notebooks prior to reading and taking notes on the story itself. Here’s the Daily Show interview with Vonnegut we watched (and another one from PBS in case you’re interested). We will start the hour tomorrow by answering these corresponding questions. We will do so before watching the short film about “HB” titled 2081: Everyone Will Finally Be Equal.” Here’s the trailer.

We have a final related poem to look at tomorrow in connection to both Anthem and “HB” before we watch the movie.

You do not have homework tonight, but you will have homework over the weekend.

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Honors 11: Definition Essay Sample and Ch. 6-7 Partner Quiz

We first went through a bunch of examples of definition essays as your full rough draft is due next Monday, October 19th (changed from Friday, Oct. 16th). We talked about what the assignment is and how this will look. You had your essay packets out while we went through it for assistance. You were welcome to take notes.

Afterwards, we took a Ch. 6-7 and FSF-Perkins letters partner quiz.

Homework: Write down 2 engaging/inference reading questions regarding Ch. 6-7 on your question sheet that I stamped in today so you can add them to the conversation tomorrow.

Also, please read Ch. 8.

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English 10: Grammar Survey and SSR

Please take the following grammar survey, so we can go over it after SSR. As soon as you are done taking it, begin silently reading. Ten points today for reading silently the whole time.

We will then go over the grammar survey before I give you a little time to finish your concept maps that are due tomorrow at the beginning of the hour. You will only have a few minutes to prep for your presentations.

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Honors 11: Ch. 5-7 of Gatsby

We had to first finish going over Ch. 4-5 questions from yesterday, and we watched the scene at Nick’s and then at Gatsby’s from Ch. 5. We turned in questions from chapters 1-5. I gave you questions (linked below) regarding Ch. 6-7 that you were to have read for today.

Homework: Finish Ch. 6-7 questions and read through these letters between Maxwell Perkins and F. Scott.

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English 10: Concept Mapping, cont.

We continued our work for our Concept Maps in our small groups. These are due by the beginning of the hour on Thursday and must be ready to present then.

We will read silently tomorrow and do some grammar work before I give you a little time to wrap up your posters. Bring your silent reading book.

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Honors 11: Ch. 4-5 of Gatsby

Third hour first had to deal with their Grapes of Wrath impromptus being returned and discussing rewrites, my handwriting, general feedback, etc.

We all then got to work finishing up our difficult Ch. 4-5 questions (Ch. 1-5 will be collected tomorrow). We then began going over them. All hours will need to finish the Ch. 5 conversation tomorrow.

Homework: Read Ch. 6-7 as well as read through some of the Definition Essay packet (Friday’s post).

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