Intro to JRN: 300-word Story Peer Editing

We will finish peer editing today and then do a table/round robin read at the end of the hour. Final drafts are due by the end of the hour tomorrow.

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Lions’ Roar: News Writing and Break Out Sessions

We first discussed the news writing “learning activity” notes you took from Friday, 9/22 and yesterday, 9/28. We then had to discuss who will be driving in what car tomorrow and make a group chat. I also collected your permission slips for Ad Day tomorrow.

Afterwards, you are going to complete one of these Break Out Sessions for Friday at the end of the hour. We will talk Design/positions/first issue on Friday.


Covering Controversial Topics: Editorial Writing

At some point in our year together, I’m going to ask you to write an editorial as a group, but first you must read about editorials and read sample editorials. Using this lesson plan, and addressing all linked information, you will write a practice editorial together in class. You will then email it to me by the end of the hour on Friday. Here’s some extra information too.

She Shoots, She Scores!: Sports Writing

Sports Writing can take on a lot of different forms. Take a look and write down some notes regarding these informational PowerPoints along with some examples of sports writing along with other tips and tricks (and this one too!). Go to a game this week, and email me your sports story by Sunday night.

Take Me There, Make Me Care: Personality Feature and Feature Writing

Please take a look at the following information together about feature writingand take notes. Some information can be looked at more quickly than others. Next, please read specifically about personality features (there’s also an in-depth checklist following the information given). I would then like you to read through some sample personality features. Find more! Your assignment is to then write your own personality feature story (as a group) about ANYONE in this school. Email it to me by the end of the hour on Friday.

More than Meets the Eye: Design

You are first going to take a look at some of these awesome pages of design. Talk about which ones look cool. Then, I would like for you to look through this PowerPoint regarding designing story packages (and this one too). Take notes. Next, check out this information about typography. Take more notes. Then, I would like to challenge you to design a story package, like this one, and do so individually. You will email me your story package (designed on Adobe InDesign) in a pdf form by the end of the hour Friday. Here’s a beginner’s guide to InDesign.

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TV 1: Teach the Class Presentations Begin

From now until Friday, we will have two Teach the Class presentations a day. There will be a large quiz on all 8 of the presentations that takes place on Monday, Oct. 2. The note taker/Google slides/etc. are linked in this folder in our shared Google space. If you miss a day, make sure to check this folder and take the notes you missed. History of Broadcast and Copyright went today. Camera Moves and Camera Shot Basics are tomorrow.

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R&W: College Essay Drafting and Peer Editing

We spent the hour today peer editing in groups of three our college/scholarship essay rough drafts using this peer editing sheet (filled out by each of your two editors). I checked the rough draft in for 10 summative points.  Here’s the rubric I will be using to grade your essays. You will submit this on top of the final draft and rough drafts/peer editing sheets by either Friday, 9/29, or Monday, 10/2. They must be uploaded to by Monday night at 11:59 p.m..

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Lions’ Roar: News Writing

After you have edited your news stories with another partnership, print them off and submit to me with a headline/byline. Then you will participate in the following break out session:

Get the Scoop: News Writing and Reporting

There’s a lot of information out there about news writing and reporting. Together you will follow the attached assignment (if the PowerPoint link doesn’t work, it’s linked here), and complete the assignment by the end of the hour tomorrow.

You have until Monday at the end of the hour.

We will take our AP style/Lions’ Roar style/Make Mullins Happy quiz on Monday as well. Our Ad Day is Wednesday. I will get you permission forms on Monday.

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Intro to JRN: History of Journalism Web Quest Wrapped Up

We went over any questions we had concerning the Web Quest (both parts before turning it in to the inbox. I then assigned a partner feature story write to practice interviewing and writing a creative, but newsworthy piece. The handouts are linked here (assignmentsamplesrubric, and tips). We will continue work tomorrow interviewing out partner, taking notes and finding our story, and writing our 300-word feature piece about our partner.

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Lions’ Roar: Intro to JRN Web Quest

We took the majority of the hour to finish our Intro to Journalism Web Quest. We will use this Today’s Meet to go over some of the questions when we’ve finished or are almost finished. From there we will discuss news writing tomorrow regarding newsworthy factors, leads and bridges, etc., and begin a group “news write”. We will also use this mini-lesson to engage more fully in the basic components of news writing and reporting.

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