English 10: End of JC + Essay

Third hour needed to finish the play first thing along with their Act V yellow reading guide. I then stamped in both pink (Act IV) and yellow (Act V)  reading guides. All reading guides along with the annotated funeral orations will be turned in together in their full completed form prior to the test on Friday. Lit terms will also be on the test.

We then went to the lab to begin work on the Julius Caesar essay. Here’s the essay assignment again along with another partial sample (2 example essays are posted in Friday’s post). Here are the optional brainstorming sheets (one will give you the definitions of tragic hero and tragic flaw). The rough draft is due by the end of the hour on Monday in the lab, so my suggestion is to begin brainstorming while you have time over the next day and a half you are not in school. We will only have lab time for drafting on Thursday and part of the hour on Friday this week.

THE TEST IS FRIDAY. I will give you a review on Wednesday. Our final literary term presentations are due Wednesday.

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Honors 11: Cat’s Cradle Ch. 1-28

We began the day going over our Ch. 1-28 work from Cat’s Cradle from Friday. We then turned that work in with our 10 q’s from Ch. 1-14. After, first hour got started on their group poster work. Second hour decided on their topic and then went to March Madness in the West gym. No homework. Report tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Good luck on the ACT, juniors!

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English 10: JC Act IV/V and the JC Essay

We spent most of the hour watching Act IV/V of the play. We got up to #9 on the Act V reading guide watching the film in third hour. Sixth hour finished.

Here’s the Act IV reading guide and the one for Act V. It’s about $2.99 to rent Julius Caesar on YouTube.

Third hour then talked about the Julius Caesar essay. We will continue that conversation on Monday. Sixth hour will need to talk about it first thing next week. See you then. Here’s two sample JC essays should you want to take a look. The rough draft will be due on Monday, March 9, and the final draft will still be due by Sunday, March 15th (the Ides!) at 11:59 to turnitin.com.

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Honors 11: Cat’s Cradle Ch. 1-28

We first talked about Ch. 1-14 Questions. We jumped around a bit in order to cover as much as we could regarding the concepts of religion, science, and humanity. We then worked on these questions for Ch. 1-28. We will need to finish them up on Monday and submit both then. No homework.

Here’s a helpful ACT PowerPoint and some ACT Writing tips.

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English 10: Act III Wrap up + Act IV Begins

We had a lot to do today. I started off stamping in your green Act III reading guides in their completed state. I then had you work in groups to share what comments you made with your peers for the funeral orations. I had you do this in a separate color than the color you chose to write in for homework.

We then went over Antony’s funeral speech as a class, adding to our annotations in a third color. The funeral orations will be turned in with the rest of the reading guides when we finish the play (hopefully, by Monday).

Next, we took an Act III quiz with an open book. We started Act IV with the movie. Here’s the version in pdf form. Third and sixth hour got through scene i.

We had too much to do today, so first thing tomorrow we will talk about the essay I assigned on Tuesday due on the Ides of March.

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Honors 11: Cat’s Cradle Ch. 1-14

We reflected first on the response paper assignment that was due this morning before delving into this 1973 letter from Vonnegut to a school board president after his book, Slaughterhouse Five was burned in their furnace. We talked about what this depicted to us to help understand Vonnegut, not just as a writer, but as a person. I then gave you these questions for Ch. 1-14 of Cat’s Cradle. I asked you to pick 10 to complete in brief in small groups. We will talk about them tomorrow.

Homework: Ch. 15-29 for Friday/tomorrow

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English 10: Lit Term Presentations and SSR

We had our third lit term presentations today and took a quiz to follow. After, we read our SSR books till the end of the hour.


1. Read through the Julius Caesar essay I assigned yesterday.

2. Annotate/analyze the funeral orations from Act III, scene ii.

3. Complete Act III’s reading guide to be stamped in tomorrow.

You will have an Act III quiz tomorrow.

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