Honors 11: Sources in Dialogue/Synthesis

We began work on the attached handout regarding putting sources in dialogue/synthesizing information. Those who were here tried to finish at least 2/3 of the boxes. This will be submitted the Wednesday after we return from break.

Extra Credit Opportunity: Watch the movie of Albert Camus’ The Stranger (here’s the pdf of the novel if you’re interested) and respond in detail to the attached questions. Upload to turnitin.com by Sunday, February 21st at 11:59 p.m. I will add 5 points to your Bigelow outline assignment/”The Wall” chart.

Remember, your teach the class project presentations begin the Monday we return. Groups 1 and 2 will go Monday, groups 3 and 4 will go Tuesday, and group 5 will go  Wednesday.

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English 10: Julius Caesar Act II Continued

We started off by looking at our analysis homework. I asked you to underline any transition words used. I also asked you to double check that the embedded evidence was properly blended and you circled the moments where it was. We then also checked the length and switched papers with someone else who looked over it and starred any places where explanation could have been extended or developed.

We then continued reading Act II from our books using our reading guides. We got to

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Honors 11: Teach the Class Project Work Day

We worked in our teach the class project groups for the hour today in the LMC. Your only homework is to continue to work on your project. Here’s the project rubric.

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English 10: Act I Quiz and Act II Begins

We first took a brief Act I quiz. After which, we continued breaking down Cassius’ soliloquy. Your job for homework is to, on the back, in no less than 10 sentences, analyze Cassius as a character using his soliloquy as evidence. Our class notes are attached. Your topic sentence/claim could begin with something like: “In Act I.ii, in his soliloquy, Cassius depicts to readers his strategic planning and manipulative ways to get Brutus on his side and Caesar out of power,” or “In Act I.ii, Cassius’ soliloquy depicts to readers that he is a clear cut villain.” You will write 9+ more sentences and use 3-5 pieces of embedded evidence (properly blended).

With time remaining, we began reading Act II using the attached ORANGE reading guide. We got through Brutus’ soliloquy at the beginning of the scene.

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Honors 11: No Exit Wrap Up

Yesterday, you were to have worked on the questions for the play you read, No Exit by JPS. We discussed and you added to those questions today. With the time remaining, we touched base with our teach the class project groups to begin discussing ideas. We will have a work day in the LMC tomorrow.

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English 10: Julius Caesar End of Act I

We started with our first literary term presentation. Good job, ladies! After the pun team presented, I gave you information and examples about the rest for Act I. We then had to finish scene iii of Act I. You followed along in your books to the recording and finished filling out the yellow reading guide. We then began going over your homework–breaking down and analyzing Cassius’ soliloquy from the end of Act I, scene ii.

You have an Act I quiz first thing tomorrow. My suggestion is to continue to develop your character list on the back of the reading guide and look over the questions on the reading guide along with the literary terms. Here’s the pdf of the play again.

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English 10 and Honors 11: Plans for the Day

English 10:

1. We will finish reading Act I.iii tomorrow and take our quiz then instead.

2. You will do silent reading today for the first 25 minutes of class out of your SSR books. Ask politely if you want to go get a new book from the library. You may write the sub a pass to sign, but try not to dawdle while you’re up there.
3. When silent reading is over, please have the sub hand out the soliloquy worksheet from the end of Act I scene ii by Cassius about his plan to convince Brutus to join the conspiracy. It is on the front table. It has boxes to the right of the lines. Your job is to try to translate it into your own words. We will go over it tomorrow but you need to work to annotate and translate. You should have ideas written down for tomorrow.
4. If you finish early, you may continue to update you literary term definitions or your character list to help review for tomorrow. Katherine and Lydia, your literary term presentation is tomorrow as well.
Honors 11:
1. Please work to answer the No Exit questions that are on the front table in small groups. We will discuss the play tomorrow.
2. When finished you should get into your teach the class project groups and look over the assignment description handed out on Friday and begin to plan ahead. You will have a little more time this week to touch base in groups, but use the time today.
I will see you tomorrow! Be good and productive :)
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