All: Final Exams

Grades will be up ASAP. Be patient. Good luck on all of your exams!

Have a great summer! Here’s the link to my summer reading post. Read some books this summer :)

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Honors 11 and English 10: Final Day for Review!

Honors 11 spent the hour studying/reviewing/asking me questions for their exam tomorrow.

English 10 briefly went over employability/writing structure/commas and semi-colons before I gave them the hour to study/work on the review. It is optional but can be turned in the day of the exam for extra credit on the final. They also filled out a formal evaluation by the end of the hour.

See you during exams!

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English 10: Catcher and JC Review

We played theĀ Catcher review game we created on Friday in our teams. We then worked in two teams to create the most complete plot diagram for Julius Caesar possible. We were allowed to use our books but not our reading guides. Here are third hour’s plot diagrams, and linked are also sixth hour’s plot diagrams. We will deal with employability/grammar/writing tomorrow.

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Honors 11: Review for Final

We played a review game in teams today. I will let you know tomorrow who won. Here are the questions and answers. You will have the hour tomorrow to review on your own and ask me questions. Our final is Wednesday.

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English 10: Raisin and Catcher

We finished A Raisin in the Sun, the film version, today. We then got to work reviewing TheĀ Catcher in the Rye and will continue Monday before delving into Julius Caesar.

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Honors 11: Wrap up of Dutchman and Semester Debrief

We first watched a quick video in which Amiri contextualizes Dutchman. We then went over the existential connections we made yesterday during our viewing of the play turned short film. Here’s 1st hour’s class notes and 2nd hour’s. Afterwards, I delved into summer reading.

Finally, we did a quick course/semester evaluation/reflection via (1st hour) and 2nd hour’s Today’

Homework: Study! We will review together on Monday.

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All classes: SUMMER READING!

Linked are handouts and book lists for this summer’s reading. Books lists for incoming 9th graders, 10th graders, 11th graders, and 12th graders are linked.

If you are an incoming sophomore and may have me next year, here’s your assignment.

If you had me for tenth grade this year and you’re going to be in 11th grade, here’s the assignment for 11th grade along with the associated note taker as well as the assignment for honors 11th grade English if you’re moving up.

If you are going into PA next year, you will need to give me your email address so I can pass it along to Mr. Cierpial or Mr. Duffy so they can contact you this summer with more information.

If you are taking AP Lit next year, please look to Mrs. Ford’s (formally Taylor’s) website for more information. Here’s the link to the handout.

If any of this is at all confusing, follow these directions on the LMC’s webpage to find out more information.

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