Intro to JRN: Wrap up to Sports/Review Writing

We finished working on and editing our sports or review articles due Friday, April 27th. Tomorrow, we begin broadcast journalism so there is not going to be anymore time for you to work on your sports or review piece.

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TV 1: Intro to Choice Projects and Wrap up for Commercials

We first went over our choice project assignment due May 11th (including the added challenge for each video), and I reminded you of the out of class taping semester project assigned in January.

We began taking these notes using this video (first page only today), and we will continue with the notes tomorrow.

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RW4CB: Digital Portfolio/Cover Letter Worktime

We had the last full hour to work on digital portfolios and our cover letters in the library. There may be other days where we have some time to work, but ultimately this is the last day where the whole time was allotted. Digital portfolios must be completed in their entirety to begin conferencing next Wednesday, May 2nd. Your link should be uploaded here before May 2nd.

We will SSR/grammar tomorrow, and Thursday we begin our last unit regarding a memoir titled, The Last Lecture.

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Intro to JRN: Sports/Review Article Drafting

You had the hour today to interview for/draft your sports/review piece. A draft of 500-600 words is due Monday.

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R&W: Interview Speed Rounds

For the first part of the hour, we spent doing rounds of interviewing where we took on the role of both the interviewee/interviewer at different junctures. we did about 6 practice interviews total. Afterwards you had time to work on the draft of your cover letter due tomorrow for peer editing and to get your interview questions checked in with me.

Tomorrow, we will meet here, talk briefly about peer editing and cover letter submission, as well as uploading your resume/questions to your digital portfolio, before heading up to the library to do so.

A cover letter draft is due tomorrow for summative points. 

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R&W: Cover Letter Sample and Interview Qs

Here’s the sample cover letter at which we looked. I discussed the assignment with you, and we then finished and checked in our interview questions. Some will need to get theirs checked in tomorrow while you are drafting your cover letters. We also put our puzzle pieces up.

A rough draft of your cover letter is due by Friday 4/20 at the beginning of the hour. We will be uploading both our resumes and interview questions to our digital portfolios Friday.

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Intro to JRN: Sports and Review Writing

We first presented to our other groups our topics of either sports and review writing, and we took notes on the other group’s presentation (one group needs to finish tomorrow). Make sure you presentation is in the folder. We finished taking these notes together as a class. You submitted all notes for points.

Tomorrow, you will take a look at both the review writing assignment (and a prompter if you need it) and the sports writing assignment along with sample articles for sports and review writing and decide which you would like to write about.

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