R&W: Digital Portfolio Creation

Friday’s instructions for project/paper work time:

  1. First, look to your digital portfolio assignment. Your job today is to work to create your Weebly (or other selected website creator tool) account, pick your template, and begin creating the different pages for your portfolio (make sure to check the page requirements on the back of the assignment description). Write down the username/password somewhere where you’ll be able to reference it should you forget. Feel free to look to the previous examples for guidance, but remember we are not creating these as if we already have experience in the field or are looking for only a specific (dream) job, but instead we are creating this as a basic portfolio that you can add to/alter later, so it should be truthful/accurate.
  2. Second, you may work on finishing your APA research paper proposal for Monday.
  3. Third, feel free to get a jump start on the APA format/citations packet for Wednesday.
  4. Also, let me know if you want to go vote for the VANs shoe contest.
  5. Please also remember to get a me a sticky note with the list of group members with whom you worked on your Method paragraph assignment. This should come from the person who submitted the paragraphs to turnitin.com.
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R&W: Life and Debt Wrap Up + Topic/Source Selection

We first tried to wrap up Life and Debt with a few more clips (clips 5, 6, and the final quote on the back from the end of clip 12–we skipped clips 4, 7 and 8) before debriefing regarding the voices we heard and how this film works to help you generate a working definition of globalization as it discussed economic, political, and cultural effects of globalization.

Your job over the weekend was to try to pick a topic. You will decide on your topic today/tomorrow, and using these search engines/other valid mediums, you will be filling out this chart  as a proposal for your paper topic to be completed by the beginning of the hour Monday, February 27th. The parts bracketed on the hard copy are due by the end of the hour Thursday, Feb. 23rd.

This APA packet will be due by next Wednesday, March 1st. The attached Prezis will be used to fill out the note packet. Here’s the one titled Introduction to APA Format and the other about APA In-Text Citations. Here’s the link to OWL Purdue’s site of additional information. You will have an APA quiz next Friday the 3rd.

We will not have SSR this week, but we will have the day on Friday to begin constructing our digital portfolio.

Here are some additional, optional readings. Notes on any of these below will be five extra credit, formative points. You may not receive e.c. for more than 2 essays of notes.

“Why Johnny Can’t Dissent” by Frank

“Cultural Resistance” by Duncombe

“Arts of the Contact Zone” by Pratt

“Deliverance of Others” by Liu

Jihad vs. McWorld” by Barber

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All classes: 1/2 Day Happenings

TV 1: We first submitted our Ch. 4 notes on “The Video Camera” and took a quick quiz on the chapter. If you were absent, you will need to make up the quiz first thing on Wednesday. You had the rest of the time to work on your teach the class projects. I touched base with groups to gauge how many more days you thought you needed. We will likely push the due date back to 2/24.

R&W: We continued with clips 2 and 3 (both of these clips are for the Bananas section–> third hour left off around the 2:00 mark in the second clip, and fourth hour left off around 1:31) from Life and Debt with the viewing guide. Your homework is to look over the topics for the essay and pick the top 3 that interest you the most. Also, create a Weebly account for your digital portfolio.

TV 2: We had the time today to work on your first marking period project due at the end of the hour on Wednesday next week.

JRN: The goal was to get articles to KR by the end of the hour. Share them with her via Google docs since she’s not here.

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R&W: SSR & Life and Debt Documentary

We spent the first part of the hour SSRing and some small groups finished up their “Method” work from yesterday. We then transitioned into watching the 2001 documentary by Stephanie Black titled Life and Debt. We used this viewing guide to take notes as we watched. Third and fourth got through clip 1 and most of clip 2, leaving off at 9:03 for third, and 7:36 for fourth.

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R&W: “The Method”

You got into small groups today to work on the attached assignment using your homework from last night which I checked in for completion points.

Homework: Read through the APA Research paper directions and bring your SSR book.

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R&W: Kincaid Discussion + “The Method” Work

We spent the first part of the hour working to understand Kincaid’s point of view, our understanding of this post-colonial legacy left, and how it affects “us” or how we stand to affect “them”. From there you were given the rest of the hour to work on “The Method” assignment from Friday due tomorrow. Only the chart is due, and the rest will be completed in class tomorrow. The rest of this week will incorporate the assigning of the big APA research paper, watching some of a documentary, and doing some SSR (and grammar if time allots).

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TV 1: Ch. 4 Notes and Teach the Class Presentation Assigned

We first assigned Ch. 4 “The Video Camera” notes for your quiz Thursday (the half day) as well as the next big summative grade, the teach the class presentation. This will be tentatively due Feb. 23rd. You will have this week to work, and we will begin presentations a week from Thursday. I will return talk show grades ASAP.

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