RW4CB: Exam Review

Attached are the notes we took today and yesterday regarding the final exam review handed to you last week. There is also a Kahoot for you to play regarding APA in-text citations and an associated Prezi. Here’s also a Prezi regarding parallel structure.

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RW4CB: Final Exam Writing Portion

We took the writing portion of our final exam today. You had the hour and the hour only to write a rhetorical analysis essay based on the article given to you. If you were absent, you must schedule a make-up time with me immediately. Your Blackfish RA essays are in the gradebook. If you cannot figure out how to move them into the correct folder, share them with me and I will do it for you.

The rest of our 20% projects will take place next Monday/Tuesday, and we will go over the grammar/APA format review those days prior to the reading/grammar portion of our exam on Wednesday.

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RW4CB: Blackfish Ind. RA Essay

We had two 20% project presentations before we delved into starting our 2013 documentary Blackfish rhetorical analysis essay in class today. You can spend a little time with it tonight before you finish in class tomorrow. Don’t spend too much though because with the final exam essay in-class on Friday, you will be given the hour, and that hour only.

I also gave a you a brief grammar review for Monday based on topics on the grammar portion of the exam on Wednesday, 1/24.

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All Classes: Weekend/MLK Day Updates

R&W: We first had a couple 20% projects to get through before you took your 2nd logical fallacy quiz (it was summative). On Tuesday, you will be finishing up the collaborative RA essay feedback work from yesterday/Thursday before we take our Blackfish individual Rhetorical Analysis Essay. The essay assignment is here.

TV 1: You submitted your first final project today before we completed our MLK lesson work.

Writing for Pub.: Managing edits were due by the end of the hour today.

TV 2: We had Team 1 announcements today and your 8th deadline project was due today as well.

Intro to JRN: We finished up our InDesign tasks 1-5 hopefully today, and you were given a Friday Newspaper Article.

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R&W: Blackfish, cont

After we submitted our logical fallacy quiz corrections, we finished watching the documentary Blackfish and taking notes for our in-class individual rhetorical analysis essay on Tuesday next week. Here’s a brief Power Point that details the Blackfish v. Seaworld controversy along with linked arguments against the documentary. It is on Netflix should you need to view it again before Tuesday.

I gave you time afterwards to debrief with table mates the rhetorical strategies utilized via your note taker. You were then assigned your MLA essay reflection assignment due tonight to by 11:59 p.m.. I also gave you an essay comment key to help decode my comments.

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Intro to JRN: Design, cont.

We debriefed the interviewing assignment before beginning to work on the intro to InDesign tasks. There will be five different tasks before I assign your first story package assignment next week.

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RW4CB: 20% + Blackfish, cont.

We had a 20% project presentation before we spent the rest of the hour continuing with Blackfish using the note taker distributed to you on Monday. The notetaker can be used on Tuesday’s in-class rhetorical analysis essay of Blackfish.

We will finish the film tomorrow before beginning to go over/discuss the collaborative essay.

Your logical fallacy quiz #1 quiz corrections are due tomorrow. Here’s the key.

Friday is the second quiz only this time it is summative and you may not use your notes.

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