English 10: Commas and Act 2 Scene 1 of Raisin

We finished the comma work from yesterday. I will post the answers here later. We then either read in small groups or individually Act II, scene i of Raisin. You finished the reading guide with questions from Tuesday’s reading of Act I, scene ii. Third hour and some of sixth hour didn’t finish, so I will check in the reading guide for points after we finish tomorrow.

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Honors 11: The Case for Reparations cont. + Act I of Fences

We wrapped up our conversation of Coates’ “The Case for Reparations,” and transitioned into the ways in which Coates’ argument plays out in Act I of Fences. We debriefed briefly on the Maxsons, specifically Troy, and Act I of the play before taking the Act I PID/quiz.

We have counselor presentations on Tuesday, so you do not have to finish reading the play till Wednesday of next week.

Have a wonderful time at prom, and if I don’t see you, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend.

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English 10: SSR and Commas!

We read for probably the last time today from our SSR books (3rd hour, good job dealing with all the senior-related noise/excitement). We then began working on a comma worksheet that we will continue looking at tomorrow before beginning to read Act II of Raisin.

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Honors 11: The Case for Reparations

We first had to take our third and final MAZE test today. Thanks for playing the game.

First hour had to discuss Alcoff’s “In Arizona, Censoring Questions About Race” that second hour discussed yesterday. You put some important questions Alcoff raised or that you considered on the board, and we discussed briefly why these questions are important/necessary. Next, we moved into our conversation concerning Ta-Nehisi Coates’ “The Case for Reparations.” First hour will need to finish tomorrow before discussing Act I of Fences. Second hour were able to watch this video regarding housing discrimination/segregation in Detroit prior to their Coates conversation titled “Hiding in Plain Sight: The Walls That Divide Us.” First hour, check it out!

Homework: Act I of Fences (finish the play for Tuesday with Act II–pdf linked) Remember to check out the background of August Wilson/African American theater from yesterday.

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English 10: End of Act I of Raisin

We took our third and final MAZE test of the year. We then reviewed Act I.ii from yesterday before taking our Act I quiz. We then watched more of the film version of Act I, continuing from Friday. SSR/grammar tomorrow! Last time!

No homework.

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Honors 11: Conversations cont./ Intro to AA Theater/August Wilson/Fences

We finished our conversation regarding the four pieces we’ve read/watched by today (McIntosh, Fortgang, Du Bois, and Stevenson) regarding our homework from yesterday. Second hour, since they had begun the conversation yesterday, was able to read this 2012 Alcoff piece titled “In Arizona, Censoring Questions About Race,” that will help frame our unit goals regarding questions we, as students, should want/be able to ask. First hour will read it tomorrow.

We then delved into a bit of history surrounding African American Theater in the United States from 1821-now. I also introduced to you a bit about our playwright, Fences author, August Wilson. We will continue these introductions tomorrow before/after our conversation regarding Coates’ “The Case for Reparations” you are to have read for tomorrow.

You are reading Act I of Fences for Thursday. I will give you books first thing tomorrow.

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English 10: Raisin Act I Scene ii

In small groups today, we read in the collaborative center/in the hall Act I, scene ii with this reading guide. You will have a quiz tomorrow on Act I before we begin Act II. Here’s the pdf’d play again.

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