Intro to JRN: First Amendment, cont.

BELL WORK: Which of the First Amendment’s clauses (religion/speech/press/assembly/petition) do you think is the most important? Why?

We will then continue going through our First Amendment slideshow before you will begin to investigate a precedent-setting 1988 Supreme Court case, titled Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier. You will fill out this worksheet as you research using any of the below sources:


Afterwards, you will complete this exit pass on a half sheet of paper before leaving today:

  1. In two-three sentences, sum up why you think the freedom of the press is such an important freedom in today’s society. Why is this important to learn about as journalists? What does it have to do with ethics?

Tomorrow, we will continue to discuss Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier, so your homework tonight is to do some preparation/research regarding the side you are given to prepare to defend in a mock trial.

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TV 1: PSA Work Time

We had the hour to work on our PSAs. You tried to get much of your filming done today. PSAs are due exported to the final PSA project file in our collab. folder.

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R&W: IAT Tests/Blink/Critical Relationships

We took another IAT test today, and your job was to complete the following critical relationships with sources assignment in order to better prepare for our upcoming research paper which will include developing these relationships with sources used and putting sources into conversation. You then had to create a 5-10 sentence response at the bottom of your CRs to the IAT tests using Blink and the article you were given today from The Chronicle Review. All responses should always begin with a claim to be proven. Here’s a sample response.

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Intro to JRN: First Amendment

Today, we will be using this website, and you will pick 5 from the index of Ethics Case Studies and record the following for each:

  1. The name/slug of the case
  2. A summary of the situation/the ethical dilemma journalists/publishers faced
  3. What the decision was
  4. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the decision OR the dilemma and why

This is due at the beginning of the hour tomorrow.

Then at 2:00 today, we are going to go through a Google slide presentation and take notes regarding the First Amendment and what it is, and in what ways, it can be connected (or not) to what you’ve begun to understand about ethical concerns that journalists face. We will continue with notes tomorrow before looking a specific Supreme Court Case.

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R&W: Ch. 2 Blink Discussion Leaders + Quiz

We did Ch. 2 Blink discussion leaders today following our Ch. 2 Quiz.

Before we begin reading Ch. 3, Gladwell will use these IAT tests as a foundational example for our next chapter. Take some of these implicit-association tests, and we will discuss them tomorrow.

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Intro to JRN: Ethics, cont.

We first watched a short video regarding principles of ethical consideration for journalists, before we got into small groups and shared our hypothetical scenario decisions. We then shared out as a class. You submitted this to the inbox.


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TV 1: Scary Movie Viewing + PSA Project Assigned

We first watched our scary scavenger hunts while we filled out our own project evaluations. Those were submitted by the end of the hour to the inbox. There were some that were not uploaded or properly uploaded to our collaborative folder, so we will need to finish viewing those on Monday.

Afterwards I assigned your PSA project due next Friday, October 20th, and we watched the samples you picked out. Last year’s can be found here. Tomorrow, you will work on making groups of 3, deciding your topic, filling out project proposals/storyboards/scripts before we begin filming next week.

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