All classes: Updates for over Thanksgiving break

R&W: We peer edited today using this sheet as a checklist/guide for what papers need to have. The second, updated rough draft is due Tuesday, Nov. 28 for a second round of peer editing.

TV 1: Your choice projects were due today to the collaborative space in the designated folder. We will view out videos on Monday.

Writing for Publication: We will need to finish discussing the November issue of the Lions’ Roar on Monday before we brainstorm for the December issue. You need to have 2 ideas for the website and 1 for the print edition.

TV 2: Team 2 will be live on Monday for announcements.

Intro to Journalism: We submitted both our news packet and our Friday newspaper article assignment today before doing a Thanksgiving soundbite activity.


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Intro to JRN: News Writing, cont.

We finished taking notes on news writing using this Google slide presentation. From there I check in your notes from last week and today for points before also checking in your news writing packet from Friday for completion. You had two other handouts to complete today to attach to the packet for tomorrow including one regarding the inverted pyramid and one regarding types of bridges. We will go over it then.

Your Friday newspaper article/”quiz”/reflection for the mass media projects is due tomorrow as well.

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R&W: MLA Essay Drafting

The first draft of your research paper is due tomorrow for summative points and for a round of peer editing.

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Intro to JRN: Wrap up to Mass Media + News Writing

Today, after our final presentation regarding mass media, we will switch gears to our new unit on news writing using this Google slide presentation and this pdf regarding the inverted pyramid to take notes.

Friday, your job will be to take notes on the following presentation (you can use the same note sheet as yesterday), and then complete the lead writing assignment Mrs. Neevel will distribute. Both this and the attached Friday news article assignment (also includes the mass media research project reflection and “quiz”) are due Monday.

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TV 1: Choice Project Filming

We continued filming and editing today. Both choice projects are due to the shared folder by the end of the hour Tuesday, Nov. 21.

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R&W: Outline/Rough Draft Writing

I spent the morning going around and checking in and discussing with each of you your essay outlines. You then continued researching and working to begin to develop your rough draft. A whole rough draft is due Tuesday, Nov. 21. Monday will be spent drafting in the library along with doing quiz corrections for our MLA citation partner quiz from Wednesday. Tomorrow (Friday the 17th) will be spent checking in your grammar packets from last week and working on your 20% projects.

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R&W: MLA Format Quiz + SSR/Outline Work

You first took a partner MLA Format Quiz before you were given the option to either SSR or work on your MLA format essay outline due tomorrow at the beginning of the hour. It is due along with notes on two selected sources (notes can be done in any format we have discussed).

Also, I am going to hold off on giving you your SSR project until after Thanksgiving break.

I am also going to move the due date for a full rough draft to Tuesday, Nov. 22nd. We will peer edit that day. A second rough draft will be due the day we return from break, Nov. 27. 

The grammar packet from last Wednesday is due Friday. I will also be uploading the different 20% project rubrics to our shared folder, so take a look on Friday while you’re working to see what your specific project must entail.

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