R&W: Globalization Wrap Up and Intro to Employability

We finished our globalization unit today with the submission of our APA globalization essay and a few journals in our notebooks. Before turning those in, we did one more regarding our employable characteristics.

You were then given the employability unit calendar and this resume worksheet to complete for homework. I will check it in on Monday after we go over the pronoun worksheet from last Wednesday.

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R&W: APA Essay Wrap Up Work Day

You have the hour to work in the library on your essay. You can get a peer edit, simply work on your draft, or clean up the APA format basics.

Here is some information about labeling/citing your figures/charts/images/etc.

Tomorrow your essay in full is due to turnitin.com by 7:20 a.m. with a hard copy to me in class before we start our next unit. You will also be submitting your notebooks tomorrow. The rubric is in the previous post.

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TV 1: Satire Video Project Introduction

We finished watching a few more movie trailer scavenger hunts first before continuing to finish our satire notes from yesterday. You also turned in your movie trailer reflections.

We then watched a few student samples of satire projects as well as a satiric video regarding the lack of effectiveness and wit involved in doing burlesque humor from Key and Peele.

Tomorrow, we will watch a few more examples from students and the satiric news site, The Onion.

Here is the project assignment we will go over tomorrow and the project planner you will complete/submit tomorrow.

Homework: Ch. 5 notes for Friday for quiz.

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R&W: SSR/Grammar

We took a little breather from our essays, and instead did SSR/grammar today. Tomorrow we will have our last day in the library to work on our essays, get any last minute peer edits completed, etc. Essays are due by 7:20 a.m.  to turnitin.com on Friday, 3/23 with a hard copy in class.

Friday we will also submit our notebooks and begin the employability unit. The notebook rubric is below (2 will be completed on Friday as well):

R&W4CB Notebook Check-Collected March 23rd, 2018    ____/85

  1. BW: Sem. 1 Reflection-What project/paper/assignment are you most proud of? What promises can you make to yourself for this semester 1.29.18 ____/5
  2. BW: Precepts: Definition + 5 words/phrases to live by 1.29.18 ____/5
  3. BW: Why is getting to know your co-workers/colleagues important? 2.1.18 ____/5
  4. Partner Intro Notes (10) 2.1.18 ____/5
  5. Notes: Intro to Globalization/Ian Goldin Globalization TEDTalk 2.6.18 _____/5
  6. Notes: Bahamas Ad Notice/Focus Work with Xà Y Paragraph 2.6/7.18 _____/10
  7. Kincaid Reading Work 2.7.18 ____/10
  8. BW: What are you looking forward to about break(s)? 2.21.18 _____/5
  9. Notes: Writing an Abstract 3.1.17 _____/10
  10. Notes: APA paper notes (thesis writing/construction +) ____/5
  11. Notes: APA notes: writing your introduction (10 things from the reading) ____/5
  12. BW: Definition of Globalization vs. the Yes Men’s Definition of Globalization AND your final take away from the Globalization unit 3.23.18 ____/10
  13. BW: What do YOU have to offer a job? 3.23.18 ____/5
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R&W: The Yes Men, cont.

We finished watching a few more clips from the Yes Men 2: The Yes Men Fix the World with clips 1, 2 and 3. We took notes on these on a separate sheet of paper before we completed A-D critical relationships with sources as practice for our essay.

Critical Relationships with sources/evidence is crucial in terms of your analysis in your essay. Using these strategies will help you develop your analysis and thus your claim/paragraph’s ideas.

Bring your rough draft tomorrow to the library for a second round of peer editing.

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R&W: The Yes Men, cont.

We first debriefed clip 6 questions from last Friday for The Yes Men. We then watched and answered questions about Clips 7 and 8 (we skipped clip 9 for now). We then got out a lined sheet of paper and began to take notes on the 2009 doc, The Yes Men Fix the World. We got to 8:08 in clip 1 and will continue Monday with The Yes Men/critical relationships with this source before we do our second round of peer editing.

You need to have a draft that is closer to 4-6 pages on Monday, and has been developed from your first round of peer editing on Wednesday.

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TV 1: Movie Trailer Scavenger Hunts

We collectively decided to move the due date to the end of the hour on Monday, March 19th.

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