JRN: “Find Your Story” Editing

We did a round of editing today with several partners and with my direction for each new partnership’s specific scope. You can make those edits tomorrow.

Remember, your newly edited Brady Dennis-style feature story is due a week from the day you received it this week, next week. Edits must be highlighted on the previous draft and a new clean copy submitted with the new, clean copy.

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TV 1: Teach the Class Projects Cont.

We got through 2 more presentations today with two left to share tomorrow. Remember, all notes are due Monday on the day of our teach the class project presentation quiz. Look over your notes!

Also, remember your reflection after watching your talk show performance to earn back some points is due Monday as well.

We brainstormed some PSAs we may want to produce. You had to come up with 5 ideas as your exit pass today.

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R&W: “How I Got Into College” + SSR Concept Maps

We finished watching and discussing the film and corresponding questions. On Monday, we will introduce our SSR concept/mind map project (3rd hour’s and 4th hour’s). We will be completing this on Monday before heading up to the lab to select a book from the following reading list to begin reading on Wednesday.

The following articles correspond to your future concept/mind map topics:

  1. Benefits of SSR in the classroom
  2. Why high schools should cut the classics and introduce more YA Lit 
  3. Why schools should keep teaching the classics
  4. Why high school students hate reading
  5. Why many Ss have to take remedial reading courses their freshman year of college

Homework: College Essay Rolling deadline begins tomorrow (here’s the final checklist) and ends Monday!

and…your 20% project work time begins tomorrow! Brainstorm!

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JRN: “Find Your Story” Drafting/Interviewing

We’ve spent the last few days pitching, interviewing and drafting for our article. This article could be for any section, and it can be any length that allows you to feel like you have a complete draft. You needed at least three interviews. Bring a hard copy tomorrow at the start of class.

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R&W: College Essay Unit Wrapped up

We spent the hour looking at another sample college essay/personal narrative in order to discuss any questions or ideas we still had lingering before moving out of this unit. Afterwards, we used this handout to record our thoughts on the 1988 film “How I Got Into College.” We will continue watching tomorrow.

Remember, the rolling deadline for the college essay begins Friday and ends Monday. I distributed this rubric that I will be using to grade your essays. It will be submitted with your final draft, rough drafts, and peer editing sheets on either day you choose.

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TV 1: Teach the Class Project Presentations, cont.

We continued with two more teach the class presentations today before watching the rest of a talk show back from yesterday. Please remember to share with me your presentation visuals and associated handouts ASAP. I returned your talk show rubrics today, and I offered the opportunity for you to earn back 2-3 points on your score by reflecting again, now after watching yourself on camera, the things you notice you do, the things, when on camera, you should try to do, what could be improved if you were to do this again, etc. This reflection is due no later than Monday. The talk shows can be found in our collaborative folder, courtesy of M O’C.

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R&W: Peer Editing, cont.

Before moving into a 3-person round of editing using these handouts for reviewer #1 (imagery focus) and reviewer/editor # 2 (Active vs. passive voice focus), we continued discussing our 20% project from Friday in a bit more detail.

Final Draft of Essay Rolling Due Dates: Due by Friday, the 30th OR, at the very latest by Monday, the 3rd of October.

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