All Classes: Reminders

TV 1: The news segment due date has been pushed back to Wednesday, Jan. 18th by the end of the hour. The review given a few weeks ago with the list of terms is due by extra credit on the final exam by Wednesday, Jan. 25th. Your final project, also due that day, will be assigned Tuesday next week.

R&W: Your research essay is due Tuesday night by 11:59 p.m. to We will have one more day in the lab to work on it before we begin reviewing for the final.

TV 2: You were given a list of reminders today. They are detailed below:

The following are due by the day of the exam, January 27th, 2017:

  1. Your third marking period 3 project that will count towards 60% your final exam grade. You must remember to submit a proposal/storyboard before producing your video.
  2. A reflection about “What I learned in TV 2”. These can be either a 2-page typed reflection or a short video (30 sec- 1 min.). They can be humorous and serious, but if doing a video, be creative in the structure (try to avoid just a series of interviewsàb-roll/you on camera would be more dynamic). This will be the other 40% of your final grade. I would obviously prefer a video, but if the other pieces are taking more time, you do have this option.
  3. Your out of class highlight video. Remember there is a process for this under the tab on my website 1. Event sign up 2. Equipment check out 3. Google form completed online 4. Rubric printed out for a grade as soon as the video is produced and uploaded to the designated “Out of Class Taping Highlight Videos” folder saved as “event_LastNames”.

Lions’ Roar: Late nights are next week, Tuesday and Wednesday. You will be expected to be here after school both days until you are dismissed. You were given your clip book assignment due the date of the final exam, Jan. 27th. I will bring some examples on Tuesday. You will also have a Lions’ Roar/AP style test that day along with a reflection.


Enjoy your day off on Monday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, jr..

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R&W: Rough Draft Peer Editing

Attached is the focused-peer-review-2016 utilized by a partner today to provide commentary on your essay. I checked in the rough draft for a small summative point value.

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TV 1: News Package Script Writing

You should be working over the next couple days to finish filming for your 3 news story packages and your 2 short promos. Your script for editing is due by the end of the hour on Wednesday and should look something like this or this. The left side is what you see, and the right side is what viewers would hear. The entire segment is due by the end of the hour on Tuesday, Jan. 17th. 

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R&W: Drafting and Sample Essay

After 20% Project presentations today, we are going to be looking briefly at a sample research essay before heading up to the library to begin drafting. We will be in the library everyday after 20% presentations to be working. Your essay is due a week from tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 17th to by 7:20 a.m.. Remember to look back at previous posts for further assistance. Here’s the google template to get you started.

Your homework for tomorrow is to complete the MLA checkpoint #1. It is in the packet with the sample outline given to you the week before break. Here are the answers to check over yours. I will check this in in the library tomorrow.

Your draft is due at the beginning of the hour on Thursday, January 12th.

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All Classes over Break

TV 1: You could get some b-roll or interviews on your phone for your news story packages. You also have the linked list of vocab to study for the MC portion of the exam. If you define all by exam day, you will receive 5 points e.c. on the final.

R&W: Begin drafting your research paper and continuing to research/find sources that you can work with (they may help prove your position or they may exemplify or contradict it in interesting ways that you can refute). The first draft of your essay is due Wednesday, January 11th. It is a summative point value to have a RD that day.  Look through all of the sample essays/research assistance in the previous posts.

TV II: If you are checking out a camera, let me know for any footage for senior video/MP projects/out of class taping/etc.

Lions’ Roar: Ad sales! Subscription sales! Patron sales! Holidays are a great time to hit people up for charitable donations :). All forms can be found on, or grab some hard copies before you leave! We will begin dummying pages and making final edits when we return the 9th.

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R&W: Source Notes, Claim, and Outline

We first had a few 20% project presentations before we got to work starting to create an outline and find/take notes on our third source. While you were working in the library/lab, I checked in your claim/notes on two sources for points. Your homework is to have a working outline by the end of class tomorrow. Use the outline given to you on Monday as a start. At LEAST one source should appear in each body paragraph, but remember, we want to try to work on developing critical relationships with our sources, and sometimes the best way to do so is to put those sources into conversation, to synthesize those sources. Also, remember to look to the previous post to see different methods for constructing one’s introduction.

For Friday’s “World’s Worst Gift Exchange,” please sign up with whether or not your will be participating so I can get a head count, and whether or not you can/would like to bring food to pass/share. You may also bring games/cards (no Card’s Against Humanity or Head’s Up’s “Adult Supervision” decks–sorry, and yes, I understand you’re seniors) to play after.

For our “World’s Worst Gift Exchange”, please bring an unlabeled, wrapped gift. This gift should either cost nothing (you can find it in your house), or have been purchased at a place for extremely cheap. If you need any assistance from me, let me know, or if you need some ideas, look at some of the crap on my desk (think weird pink gnome or broken frog paper weight).

3rd hour’s sign up sheet

4th hour’s sign up sheet

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R&W: 20% + Claim Construction/Notes on Sources

After 20% project presentations, we will work today to continue researching for our social media/Blink research paper. The sources that have been found for you are linked here. You will also be brainstorming your thesis. Distributed to you yesterday were these directions and a brief outline along with this information about developing a critical relationship with one’s sources.

Don’t forget to refer to this previous post for additional assistance. Also, here is a chapter from Writing Analytically that will assist with introduction and conclusion writing if those are areas where you may have difficulty.

Located here is help with evolving one’s claim throughout an essay from the same book, Writing Analytically and a cheat sheet as well. Here are some sample evolving thesis essays.

The best MLA resource is here. Here are the answers to MLA check point #1 that was in your packet given out yesterday. Please check over your answers by Friday.

HOMEWORK: By the beginning of the hour on Wednesday, I would like to see your claim/thesis, and notes on at least two of your decided sources. We will work on starting an outline on Wednesday and hopefully begin to draft by Thursday.

Friday is the World’s Worst Gift Exchange. Bring a wrapped gift of your choosing, but you may not buy anything (that doesn’t mean you should steal–I know that should be obvious, but I had to say it). Also, feel free to bring any games or food with which to share and to play.

Remember to post your projects in the assigned 20% folder in our collaborative spaces the day before your presentation date. Here is 3rd hour’s link and 4th hour’s link.

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