Meet the Teacher :)


I am in my seventh year of teaching, and the current (2016-2017) term will be my first year at South Lyon High School. Previously, I taught for six years at Berkley High School. I earned my Master of Arts in Educational Technology degree in the fall of 2013 from Michigan State University, prior to which I earned an undergraduate degree in English, journalism, and Secondary Education from the very same university. Go Green! Go White! #SpartansWill. I also did my student teaching just down the road from Berkley at Ferndale High School. In case you’re interested, here’s my ePortfolio from the MAET program.

I am proud to be part of the South Lyon community!

I am a believer in the idea that education does not begin and end with the bells; it is a contiguous process that extends from school, to the home and into the community. As such, I make an attempt to remain as connected and available as possible to ensure the continuation of learning beyond the classroom. Please feel free follow my twitter account, send me a good ol’ e-mail, or go old-school and give me a call. I’m excited for this year of possibilities.

This year I will be teaching journalism/writing for publications (Lion’s Roar), TV Production 1 and 2, and Reading and Writing for the College Bound.

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