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OUT OF CLASS TAPING: On-Going Required Project:
Between the start of the semester and the last day of the semester, you are required to shoot ONE out of class event and produce/edit the final video to potentially be aired on our newscast.  See the following links to sign up and receive credit when complete. Watch this video for advice on filming out of class. Here’s the SLHS Sports Schedule. Follow the steps below:

1. Event Sign Up Sheet (To be filled out prior to event, and by prior I mean PRIOR).

2. Equipment Check Out (we will discuss keeping a more low-tech system for this-MAKE SURE THIS IS FILLED OUT).

3. Online Feedback Form (online form to fill out after taping for credit).

4. Out of Class Taping Rubric (After shooting, print out this rubric and place in my in box for credit)


Links to Important Information:

Composing Basic Camera Shots (here are a few more handouts)

How to get a “Blurry Background” in video using depth of field

Production: TV Production Overview Part I and Part II along with lighting (3-point lighting), script writing, and non-linear editing.

Basic (and important) Rules of Composition Defined along with a video about the rule of thirds

B-roll Footage Info and Examples

Video Shooting 101 – A funny look at shooting tips from the VIMEO staff

JVC Camera Information

Stop Motion Guide

HD Memory Card Recorder Instructions

How to Edit Videos in Adobe Premier and how to export your final product

Creative Commons is your friend!

Royalty Free Music Sites and some others here (sound effects too!)

CC Mixter/ Jamendo

Info about Copyright

MIPA Info Link

Camera Information:

Canon Vixia Info with Manual How Tos and Tips

TV 2’s tab also has lots of invaluable information.