Intro to JRN: Notes into Leads

We first finished going over the conciseness/rewriting for clarity exercise packet from last week. You submitted it to the inbox for points.

Afterwards, using the notes –> leads assignment from last Thursday that was due today, your job was to, in partners, choose two to turn in as a full story that will be about 200-300 words. Both are due tomorrow to the inbox with one edit each. You are required to add two quotes that you will make up to each story. You submitted the lead assignment once you had everything written down that you needed attached to Friday’s newspaper article assignment by the end of the hour.

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TV 1: News Segment Project, cont.

We received points today for having all story package planners signed off on me in your group’s designated folder. Filming begins this week. Everything must be filmed by December 15th at the latest. We will go over some reminders for signing out cameras, studio filming, etc.

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R&W: Rhetorical Analysis Intro

We spent the first part of the hour submitting our MLA research essays to the inbox before you wrote down the week 7 vocab in your notebooks. From there we moved into this PowerPoint, and we took notes in our notebooks. We will finish going through the presentation tomorrow. You also received this calendar for the last unit for the last first semester of your high school career.

We will be submitting our notebooks on the 22nd.

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TV 1: Intro to the News Segment Project

We first finished up our notes regarding broadcast journalism before you submitted them stapled to a 1/2 page choice project reflection.

Afterwards, I assigned your big news segment project. We will begin story planning tomorrow after we watch some late choice project submissions. Here are some newsworthy factors to consider when selecting your stories as well as a detailed list of jargon for broadcast journalism. Samples from last year’s class can be found here.

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R&W: Peer Editing and MLA Checkpoints

We first did a sample verbal peer edit of a previous student’s essay, so you could see how I might begin a peer edit. Next, you used this checklist to assist two of your peers with their essay. We will need to finish tomorrow before SSR (I am assigning an SSR project next Wednesday). This MLA checkpoint packet is due Thursday. We will go over it before you are given a final work day on your essay Thursday.

Friday will be a 20% project work day. And your essay due date has been pushed back to Monday morning, December 4th, at 7:20 to with a hard copy in class (including rough drafts and peer editing forms and the rubric). Remember to use all of the helpful links in this post for assistance with your essay.de7b2189f097b9b63593f9c27607c2f3.jpg

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Intro to JRN: Group News Write

We first debriefed and I returned the news writing work regarding leads/bridges/etc. from last week before I assigned this group news write and which groups you would be working in. We shared these with me by the end of the hour.

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TV 1: Choice Project Viewing + Intro to Broadcast News Segments

We took notes on this PowerPoint today and tomorrow I will assign the News Story Package Group Project due December 23rd after we finish taking notes. We will go through it tomorrow.

Also, please include with your notes for Wednesday a 1/2 page reflection on the choice projects–which one you liked best, how you felt about the process of creating two projects at once that you have complete creative freedom over, what issues you faced, who worked well together, etc.

We will use some of these sites to check out other news packages.

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