R&W: Blink Ch. 1 Discussion Leaders and Quiz

We had our first Blink chapter quiz for Ch. 1 today at the beginning of the hour before our Ch. 1 discussion leaders took the floor. Their handout is linked here. We then spent the rest of the hour discussing the first chapter.

Tomorrow is your week 4 vocab quiz and your second day of 20% project work time. You will have an exit pass to complete.

Homework for Monday: Ch. 2 reading + Ch. 2 discussion leader prep

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Intro to JRN: Famous Journalists and Ethics

We finished our famous journalist presentations before working to finish this Slideshow regarding ethics in journalism. We left off on slide 15, and here’s the slide with all of the questions to consider when deciding what one can publish I had to breeze through.

Tomorrow, we will take a quick “quiz” on the famous journalist presentations and submit our audience/self evaluation notes with it. I will check in the ethics notes tomorrow as well.

On Wednesday, we used this worksheet to figure out the ethical considerations for publishing hypothetical stories. We will go over it and share on Thursday.

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TV 1: Wrap up to Scary Scavenger Hunts

Today is the last day to complete your scary scavenger hunts and upload them to our collaborative folder in the designated space.

Here’s the reflection you will complete by tomorrow during our viewing time before I introduce the PSA project.

Tomorrow we will view some sample PSAs and complete your project proposal, storyboard, and script. You have the entirety of next week to complete your PSA. It is due by the end of the hour Friday, October 20th.

Here’s my friends’ “Hallway Linebacker” video I showed to a group today. Circa 2005.

Also, here are last year’s first semester PSAs and second semester’s PSAs.

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R&W: Discussion Leader Assignment and Ch. 1

We went over the discussion leader assignment along with discussing its purpose and looking at samples, and I checked in the reading quiz agreement signatures. Afterwards, you were given the rest of the time to read Ch. 1 of Blink and take optional notes for the Ch. 1 quiz on Thursday.

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TV 1: Scary Scavenger Hunt Editing

Today, we were working to finish our scary scavenger hunts by the end of the hour. You have a few other things to do this week as well. By Tuesday morning, you are sharing a link with me via email of a sample PSA as we will be starting PSAs this week. Also, you have notes due (2 pages)/a quiz this Friday on Ch. 5 of Video Basics title “Operating the Camera.”

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R&W: Intro to Blink, cont.

We finished going through the slideshow from Thursday of last week to introduce Blink, Malcolm Gladwell, and sociology. From there you got into small groups to read the introduction to Blink and complete the following every 2-3 pages: 1. two quotes of significance 2. two questions you have and 3. one connection you can make to the text.

Tomorrow, we will go through the discussion leader assignment, and I will give you time to read Ch. 1 of Blink for Thursday.

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Intro to JRN: Newspaper Article Friday

We will be finishing our famous journalist presentations on Monday, so for today, we are doing a Friday newspaper article assignment. It is linked here. This website has all online newspapers from all over the world and this one has sources too.

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