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R&W: Turn Around from Peer Editing

We spent the hour making changes to our drafts from the peer editing session yesterday. Here was the peer editing checklist we used. Tomorrow, we will be back in the room to finish up The Yes Men documentary from last … Continue reading

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Intro to JRN: Peer Editing of Feature Stories

We used this peer editing sheet and assigned partners/groups to peer edit the first draft of your feature story. You are to make changes and you will be assigned a new partnership for round #2 of peer editing. You received … Continue reading

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Honors 11: Peer Edit #1

You were placed into groups of three today to begin the first round of peer editing for your rough draft. We will continue tomorrow with the same groups after debriefing in the room, just with another group member’s paper that … Continue reading

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English 10: Anthem/Summer Reading Essay Peer Edit

We spent the hour peer editing our partner’s essay closely using this checklist. After you upload the essay by midnight on Sunday to turnitin.com, you will need to bring a hard copy of your final draft, the rough draft and … Continue reading

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