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TV 1: Commercials Introduced

We finished watching some of our satire projects from Friday. Your satire project audience/self evaluations are due tomorrow. We then took notes on advertising techniques (key is here), watched a few samples, and I assigned your project with this proposal … Continue reading

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R&W: Wrap up to RA Intro Work

We first wrapped up Ken Robinson’s TED Talk regarding the lack of creativity in schools and worked to discuss the ways in which his 20 minute speech displayed Ethos, Logos, or Pathos, and also what his motive/purpose was. From there, … Continue reading

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TV 1: Commercial Viewing + Choice Project Notes

Today we first watched our commercials, and then we took some notes while watching the following linked videos with some reminders and some new advice. We only got through the first video today. Tuesday, I will assign your Choice Project and you will begin working on your project … Continue reading

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