R&W: Essay Prep with TFA Articles

You first worked to finish identifying, using the chart I distributed yesterday, the rhetorical strategies and potential fallacies of rhetoric utilized in the article. This was used as practice for Thursday.

I then assigned each of you one of the attached speeches. Your job is to annotate and prepare to write an in-class collaborative essay on Thursday (12/21) in small groups. As you annotate,  look for rhetorical strategies, logical fallacies and other useful tools the speaker used to convince his or her audience of his/her purpose. This outline may help you organize your thoughts. It is optional to fill out. This essay (here are some sample essays) will be graded summatively for effort and completion. We will discuss after break before you are given an individual essay to write using this rubric as a guide.

Here’s a more exhaustive list of other rhetorical strategies.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 12/20), you will have a quiz on the fallacies of rhetoric. A word bank will be provided and you may use your notes.

Friday (12/22) is our “World’s Worst Gift Exchange.” Bring a wrapped gift with no name. You may also bring cards, games and food.

If you have not yet, please upload the summary/review version of your SSR project to turnitin.com ASAP.

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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