R&W: SSR, Grammar, and Cornell Notes

We first did a bit of SSR. This was the last day you could choose to read Blink as our final discussion leaders go on Friday.

From there, you grabbed the grammar “quiz” regarding identifying subjects/verbs/conjunctions. We will go over it tomorrow.

Finally, your homework was to pick one of the following chapters of Freakonomics and to read for tomorrow to complete this Cornell notetaker that you took notes on during the PowerPoint on Monday. You do not have to do the Cornell note taker for homework but you should read/annotate your chapter tonight. If you were absent today, please go by the below alphabet when choosing your chapter:

  1. Online Dating (Last names A-D)
  2. White Collar Crime (Last names E-J)
  3. Drug Dealing Motives (Last names K-Mc)
  4. What Makes a Good Parent?  (Last Names Mi-P)
  5. Crime Rates (Last Names S-Z)

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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