All classes: Updates

TV 1: We are currently working on your news segment project. It’s a big 350-point summative one, so project planners are to be signed off by the end of the hour tomorrow before you are issued a camera.

R&W: We are currently doing digital portfolio conferences/interviews while you have in-class work time. Those grades will go into the gradebook following your individual conference. Your only homework tonight is to finish The Last Lecture. Your final, seventh journal entry is due tomorrow night by 11:59 p.m. to You will be given the hour tomorrow, however, to work on journal #7 and continue brainstorming for YOUR last lecture, your speech.

We will have MOCK INTERVIEWS next Tuesday, May 16th, so this Friday and Monday we will spend time perfecting our resumes (along with printing out a beautiful copy for me to hang on to), and fixing any digital portfolio issues we may have prior to Tuesday. You will need to dress up on Tuesday, so we will reiterate proper dress on Monday along with doing a final mock interview practice round with your classmates.

The pronoun worksheet from today is due Friday.

TV 2: You have two projects left. The first marking period project is due next Friday, May 19th and the second is due the day you are done, June 2nd. We will likely have one last Quickfire between the last two project due dates. Make haste! Don’t wait to submit your final project by June 2nd. You’ll regret it.

JRN: The first peer edit for the senior issue standouts is due tomorrow, Thursday, May 11th. We will finish edits next week. Pictures need to be done ASAP, and pages will need to be planned out sooner rather than later, organization, number, and template-wise.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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