R&W: Digital Portfolio Uploads

Happy Friday! Here’s the breakdown for the day:

  1. First, make careful edits (perhaps use a highlighter to make sure you made each one and then reread) to your cover letter before uploading it to your digital portfolio. I suggest Scribd again, however, your cover letter will be easier to fix the formatting with if you do not want to use Scribd. Make sure I see this uploaded today.
  2. You are choosing two interview questions from your SLHS interview question sheet to answer. You must include the question (I suggest bolding the question above the response) and a 5-7 complete sentence response. You are uploading this as well. It can be on its own page. Make sure you are also starting to look over the other requirements for your digital portfolio. I will give you time on Tuesday in class to work on the other required items in your digital portfolio, but the published, finalized link is due to me by May 5th along with your notebook.
  3. Homework: Pgs. 35-72 in The Last Lecture for Monday!

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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