Updates for all classes

TV 1: We had bubbling this morning, so there was quite the scuffle/movement of students. We moved commercials forward a bit, and instead I assigned a “Quickfire Challenge” in small groups of 4-5 in which you had the option of creating an approx. 1 min music video, movie in 60 seconds, 1 min. film noir or silent film.

RW4CB: We did SSR while senior exit interviews were going on with counselors. I took down pages after lunch before we got into partnerships to peer edit our resumes. I checked a draft in today for a summative point value. A hard copy (including all edited drafts/the peer editing sheet) is due by the time YOU leave for Spring Break.

TV 2: We had announcements today while the rest of the class worked on their marking period project #1, due Friday.

JRN: You must complete all edits by the time YOU leave for Spring Break, meaning articles must be in my hands by Friday or earlier, depending on when you’re leaving.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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