R&W: Life and Debt Wrap Up + Topic/Source Selection

We first tried to wrap up Life and Debt with a few more clips (clips 5, 6, and the final quote on the back from the end of clip 12–we skipped clips 4, 7 and 8) before debriefing regarding the voices we heard and how this film works to help you generate a working definition of globalization as it discussed economic, political, and cultural effects of globalization.

Your job over the weekend was to try to pick a topic. You will decide on your topic today/tomorrow, and using these search engines/other valid mediums, you will be filling out this chart  as a proposal for your paper topic to be completed by the beginning of the hour Monday, February 27th. The parts bracketed on the hard copy are due by the end of the hour Thursday, Feb. 23rd.

This APA packet will be due by next Wednesday, March 1st. The attached Prezis will be used to fill out the note packet. Here’s the one titled Introduction to APA Format and the other about APA In-Text Citations. Here’s the link to OWL Purdue’s site of additional information. You will have an APA quiz next Friday the 3rd.

We will not have SSR this week, but we will have the day on Friday to begin constructing our digital portfolio.

Here are some additional, optional readings. Notes on any of these below will be five extra credit, formative points. You may not receive e.c. for more than 2 essays of notes.

“Why Johnny Can’t Dissent” by Frank

“Cultural Resistance” by Duncombe

“Arts of the Contact Zone” by Pratt

“Deliverance of Others” by Liu

Jihad vs. McWorld” by Barber


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