R&W: Kincaid’s A Small Place

We used the following constructed summative claims regarding Jamaica Kincaid’s argument as a jumping off point for our small group conversations today. The directions are in the documents attached for 3rd and 4th hour.

Monday we will continue with this passage work regarding the first chapter of A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid. We will use the passages found and discussed in small groups as well as the 2 discussion questions stemming from specific quotes found to delve into a class discussion so we can start to construct our own thinking on the subject matter, etc. You will receive points for participating in Monday’s student-led discussion.

The small group 10-15 sentence paragraph you should have began in class (task #3) is due by Sunday night at 11:59 p.m. Only 1 person for group needs to upload it to turnitin.com. Here are four sample paragraphs to use as examples

Homework for TUESDAY: Watch one of the following text sets, but watch the LAST video in the series FIRST:

Method Text Set 1Tech and Workers
Watch thisthisthisand this

Method Text Set 2Garment Industry
Watch thisthisthisand this.

Complete the method handout using one of the two text sets. (Hint: To fully document the binaries, strands, and repetitions, you’ll need to watch the commercials a few times each and take notes.)

And then you can just check out this picture riddled with devastating realizations (even if it is Photoshopped) about society for funsies:



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