R&W: Khan Academy Passage Practice/Help

Today, once we finish 20% projects and submit our essays, you are going to have time to continue practice on Khan Academy. Please make a login if you haven’t already, and follow the instructions below. You may need ear phones for the tutorials.

In terms of the Reading section passages, take a look at at least 2-3 tutorials and/or read through any of these tips if you do not have headphones, and take 1-2 practice quizzes (1st and 2nd diagnostic) in the Reading section.

Here’s a few other helpful videos/information to check out if you have time:

  1. What to expect on the reading test 
  2. Rhetoric on the reading test
  3. Overview and content areas

Or, if you’ve gone through a few in the reading and writing section, and are perhaps more concerned with the Writing and Language section, you may check out these tutorials (writing and language is below reading), and these tips as well, along with taking a practice quiz (third and fourth diagnostic).

Here are some related videos/information to assist:

  1. What to expect on the writing/language portion
  2. Introduction and overview
  3. Expression of Ideas, Standard Conventions, and the Format

If you feel good about the passage work, please take a look at the grammar practice Khan Academy can provide. OR, if you have something specific grammar-wise that you know you struggle with, see me, and I can probably produce a worksheet for you to practice, and I can check it over.

I will be walking around. You will receive formative participation points while you are working today. 

Tomorrow, we will do a bit of grammar, and Monday (before the writing portion Tuesday), we will review rhetorical analysis writing.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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