All Classes over Break

TV 1: You could get some b-roll or interviews on your phone for your news story packages. You also have the linked list of vocab to study for the MC portion of the exam. If you define all by exam day, you will receive 5 points e.c. on the final.

R&W: Begin drafting your research paper and continuing to research/find sources that you can work with (they may help prove your position or they may exemplify or contradict it in interesting ways that you can refute). The first draft of your essay is due Wednesday, January 11th. It is a summative point value to have a RD that day.  Look through all of the sample essays/research assistance in the previous posts.

TV II: If you are checking out a camera, let me know for any footage for senior video/MP projects/out of class taping/etc.

Lions’ Roar: Ad sales! Subscription sales! Patron sales! Holidays are a great time to hit people up for charitable donations :). All forms can be found on, or grab some hard copies before you leave! We will begin dummying pages and making final edits when we return the 9th.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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