R&W: Source Notes, Claim, and Outline

We first had a few 20% project presentations before we got to work starting to create an outline and find/take notes on our third source. While you were working in the library/lab, I checked in your claim/notes on two sources for points. Your homework is to have a working outline by the end of class tomorrow. Use the outline given to you on Monday as a start. At LEAST one source should appear in each body paragraph, but remember, we want to try to work on developing critical relationships with our sources, and sometimes the best way to do so is to put those sources into conversation, to synthesize those sources. Also, remember to look to the previous post to see different methods for constructing one’s introduction.

For Friday’s “World’s Worst Gift Exchange,” please sign up with whether or not your will be participating so I can get a head count, and whether or not you can/would like to bring food to pass/share. You may also bring games/cards (no Card’s Against Humanity or Head’s Up’s “Adult Supervision” decks–sorry, and yes, I understand you’re seniors) to play after.

For our “World’s Worst Gift Exchange”, please bring an unlabeled, wrapped gift. This gift should either cost nothing (you can find it in your house), or have been purchased at a place for extremely cheap. If you need any assistance from me, let me know, or if you need some ideas, look at some of the crap on my desk (think weird pink gnome or broken frog paper weight).

3rd hour’s sign up sheet

4th hour’s sign up sheet


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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