R&W: 20% + Claim Construction/Notes on Sources

After 20% project presentations, we will work today to continue researching for our social media/Blink research paper. The sources that have been found for you are linked here. You will also be brainstorming your thesis. Distributed to you yesterday were these directions and a brief outline along with this information about developing a critical relationship with one’s sources.

Don’t forget to refer to this previous post for additional assistance. Also, here is a chapter from Writing Analytically that will assist with introduction and conclusion writing if those are areas where you may have difficulty.

Located here is help with evolving one’s claim throughout an essay from the same book, Writing Analytically and a cheat sheet as well. Here are some sample evolving thesis essays.

The best MLA resource is here. Here are the answers to MLA check point #1 that was in your packet given out yesterday. Please check over your answers by Friday.

HOMEWORK: By the beginning of the hour on Wednesday, I would like to see your claim/thesis, and notes on at least two of your decided sources. We will work on starting an outline on Wednesday and hopefully begin to draft by Thursday.

Friday is the World’s Worst Gift Exchange. Bring a wrapped gift of your choosing, but you may not buy anything (that doesn’t mean you should steal–I know that should be obvious, but I had to say it). Also, feel free to bring any games or food with which to share and to play.

Remember to post your projects in the assigned 20% folder in our collaborative spaces the day before your presentation date. Here is 3rd hour’s link and 4th hour’s link.


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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