R&W: Note taking + Research Writing

We used our Cornell notes taken regarding the assigned Freakonomics chapter to first share with those with the same chapter excerpt before breaking up to jigsaw with other chapters and complete the collaboration exercise. From there, we went through the rest of the note taking PowerPoint, jotting down ideas in our notebooks as we talked through the other ideas for note taking. We did not have time to practice the other forms, but most of you are likely familiar with using most of them when trying to understand difficult texts.

Afterwards, I assigned the research paper for our final unit for the semester. We will get into MLA format tomorrow, so tonight’s homework is to read through and take notes on the linked PowerPoint regarding the credibility of sources. You may stop at slide 19 and not do the checkpoints unless you’re feeling overly motivated. Do not write down EVERYTHING–only the things you believe are most important to recall. Here’s a quick quiz on website validity with answers (so cover up the right half of the screen). It is optional.

The following related, helpful items are linked below:

Homework for Friday: SSR Review Project

**All Blink quizzes will be returned ASAP (a few students have make up quizzes to take) and the lowest one selected will be dropped. Also, discussion leaders will be returned at the beginning of next week along with your IAT claim-driven responses.

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