R&W: SSR + commas/semi-colons

We read either our SSR book or Blink during independent reading today. Afterwards, we went through the explanations from our worksheet utilized during the scavenger hunt before break. We will submit tomorrow when it’s finished with explanations of punctuation use indicated. Check your answers here.

We skipped the reading log we were going to complete today and will save it for next week. I will also be assigning a small independent reading assignment next Wednesday based on your SSR book.

Below is the rubric for your notebook check due Friday:

R&W4CB  Notebook Check-Collected December 2nd, 2016    ____/100

  1. Bell Work 10.17 ______/5 (Purpose of understanding rhetoric)
  2. TFA Logical Fallacies Response _____/10
  3. TFA Rhetorical Analysis Activity Chart (pasted/stapled into Notebook) _____/10
  4. Bell Work 11/2 (How do you feel in terms of writing the collaborative rhetorical analysis essay? Explain) _____/5
  5. Comma Rules with examples C-1 through C-6 _____/5
  6. Rhetorical Strategies in Blackfish Notes (4-6 examples) _____/5
  7. Blackfish Side Explanation (B-fish vs. SeaWorld _____/5
  8. Vocab Week 5 11.7 _____/10
  9. Blink Introduction Notes _____/10
  10. Blink Introduction Annotations _____/5
  11. Vocab Week 6 11.14 _____/10
  12. Socratic Seminar Example Notes 11.14 ______/5
  13. Bell Work 11.15 (Hardest decisions ever had to make) _____/5
  14. Bell Work 11.22 (Good vs. bad roommates) _____/5
  15. Bell Work 11.28 (Thanksgiving Timed Free Write) ____/5

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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