JRN: Design and Test Review

We went through the linked information, highlighting important pieces to know for the future and for Monday’s test. Below is the list of things to study (you should have everything in your folders):

Things to study/look over for JRN test Monday:

  1. Leads-5 Ws and H (news versus other sections)
  2. Bridges-types/purposes
  3. What is attribution? How do we indicate who said quotes?
  4. Downstyle headlines
  5. Direct vs. Indirect quotes
  6. News (qualities of—inverted pyramid, summary leads (5 W’s and H), etc.)
  7. Features (qualities of)
  8. Editorial vs. Opinion (qualities of)
  9. What does it mean to editorialize?
  10. Parts of a newspaper: copy, folio, bylines, sidebars, art/graphics, etc.
  11. AP Style: dates, ages, times, titles, numbers, composition titles, etc.
  12. Leading, Kerning, + Lions’ Roar-specific style for design
  13. Study Lions’ Roar style “quiz” (size of fonts for copy, bylines, captions (cutlines), photo credit structure, pica size, percent of gray scale behind story, etc.)

There were some issues with Google drive/our shared V drive, so we will need to continue the story package InDesign process at a later time.

Reviews/sports story rewrites are due Wednesday.

Brainstorm for your 2 article ideas over the weekend. We will likely have the November issue brainstorm day Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. 


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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