R&W: Rhetorical Analysis

We finished up our rhetorical analysis group work today with the TFA articles from yesterday (we also had a bell work yesterday after I returned your notebooks that dealt with your opinion regarding what the purpose might be for us to learn about rhetoric and rhetorical analysis) before debriefing in our notebooks concerning our individual thoughts about whether or not our assigned article produced an effective argument. This needed to be at least half of a page of a claim/thesis-driven response and needed to use at least two embedded quotes that helped prove at least two examples utilized.

From there, you were assigned this speech work. Linked are the transcripts and then each individual speech if you can watch on your phone (JKF, Valvano, Clinton, and Obama) with headphones. This work will be due on Thursday at the end of the hour.

We will work to still have SSR briefly at some point this week, but the schedule may pose a bit of an issue, so fourth hour may be the only ones who luck out tomorrow. We will also be taking a fallacy/rhetorical method quiz on Friday. Study your notes and look back at the PowerPoints for examples. This will be summative.

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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