R&W: Rhetorical Analysis Unit Intro + SSR Mind Maps

We first had a speaker for the senior expos come in to discuss/have us fill out our interests, and after you submitted your college essay final draft to the inbox.

We then made it about half way through our PowerPoint (3rd hour-slide 6 and 4th hour-slide 4) to introduce our next unit regarding rhetorical analysis (calendar to come). You took notes in your notebook which I stamped in for today. We will finish later this week.

You also received week 3 vocab (arcane, chortled, disingenuous, erudite, facetious, loquacious, pedantically, superfluous, exacerbated, and bourgeois) and requirements: Part of Speech, Definition, a Picture with corresponding Sentence using word to describe picture.

I then discussed our SSR concept/mind map project (3rd hour’s and 4th hour’s) that we will begin tomorrow in small groups using the articles below and present Wednesday . We will be working on this tomorrow (if we need a little time to wrap up Wednesday before SSR that’s okay) before heading up to the library to select a book from the attached reading list to begin reading.

The following articles correspond to your SSR mind map topics:

  1. Benefits of SSR in the classroom
  2. Why high schools should cut the classics and introduce more YA Lit 
  3. Why schools should keep teaching the classics
  4. Why high school students hate reading
  5. Why many Ss have to take remedial reading courses their freshman year of college

Homework: Pick a book from the linked reading list above, and write down the title and author of your top selections for ease of check out tomorrow OR if you have one in mind, run it by me if it’s not on the list.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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