Honors 11: Fences Act I-II

We watched a few more scenes today to further our characterization/symbol conversation. You then got to work on your discussion guide. This is to be completed for Monday, and we will share and wrap up our discussion then. Here’s Denzel’s (and others’) thoughts on the 2010 Fences revival on Broadway along with information about the new 2016 film production that’s in progress.

Your homework is then to read through and take brief notes on our next author Amiri Baraka (and his obituary in the NY Times). This will save us some time next week if you do so because we’re a bit behind schedule.

Here’s the reading we will be getting on Monday by Baraka titled “The Revolutionary Theatre”. And here’s a reading we will likely not get to titled “Black Man as Victim” which correlates with Baraka’s conception of revolutionary theatre’s purpose.


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