Honors 11: Critical Relationships and The Yes Men

We started the day by sharing some of our critical relationships work and discussing the ways in which those different CR strategies could be developed or accomplished. We then took a look at a 2003 documentary titled The Yes Men (there is a second one titled The Yes Men Fix the World from 2009, and a third titled The Yes Men Are Revolting from 2014). You took notes on what you heard/saw below the critical relationship work from the last two days. Tomorrow we will utilize The Yes Men within Method C in relation to either Summers’ memo or the Life and Debt quotes listed on the handout. Afterwards, we will have time to research and work on our annotated bibliography. We will also begin to touch on our claim construction and thus how to evolve one’s claim.

We watched the following clips from The Yes Men: Michael Moore on the WTO and Greg Palast on the WTO; Explanation of Project; Meeting Sal, Seeing some early Pranks; The WTO Presentation; and ReBurger. We will check more out later.



About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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