English 10: SSR/Grammar/Resumes

We went over the agenda today regarding the end of the week before break, due dates, etc. Your final draft of your resume is due tomorrow, so I gave those who were not done time to continue working in the LMC. Those who were done and had given me a final copy, read silently. Also, your 3rd independent reading response is due by Thursday night at midnight to turnitin.com. I will move the independent reading response #4’s due date to April 17th, the following Sunday after we get back from break. I gave you this grammar packet to complete by Thursday the 14th after break.

Notebooks will be submitted Friday. Here’s the check list:

Crucible, JC, Employability Notebook Check-Collected April 1st, 2016   ____/50

  1. Crucible Character List _____/5
  2. Bell Work 12.8.15 _____/2 (“Why I Wrote The Crucible” responses: summary, tone, etc.)
  3. The Crucible Notes/Annotations ______/5
  4. Bell Work 1.4.16 + Act IV annotations _____/5 (What happened in Acts 1-3? + Act IV annotations)
  5. Bell Work 1.19.16 _____/4 (Why is doing the right thing so hard? How are the trials so personal?)
  6. Julius Caesar Notes _____/5
  7. Shakespeare Notes _____/5
  8. Literary Terms Defined _____/5
  9. Bell Work 3.1.16 ____/2 (SAT Collab. Essay Reflection)
  10. Bell Work 3.18.16 _____/2 (Why should I hire you? How do you make a good first impression?)
  11. Job Application Notes _____/5
  12. Interview Notes _____/5

We will begin introducing Catcher in the Rye tomorrow. If you’re not here tomorrow/the rest of the week, attached is the PowerPoint we will be taking notes on and the writing assignment due Monday the 11th after we return.


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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