Honors 11: End of Cat’s Cradle

We first took a quiz on the end of the novel, Ch. 115-127. Afterwards, you worked on the attached questions. The directions were to answer these on a separate piece of paper, and with the first 6 chapter-specific questions, provide a response, a quote to support your answer, and to further delve into what Vonnegut might be trying to say with this textual moment or idea. Also, are there any major ideas/themes to which you could connect your response?

For the final thoughts/major idea section, you are to provide a concise explanation as to how this is depicted in the story i.e. what Vonnegut is trying to portray regarding this idea. You are also going to list any major associated moments/scenes/plot events that depict/support this idea or contradict what Vonnegut seems like he’s trying to get readers to take away. Feel free to provide a quote or a follow up question to support your ideas. We will discuss the end of the novel tomorrow.

You will be submitting the following in a packet tomorrow: Ch. 70-82 investigative notes for PC, JC and the symbol of CC; Ch. 83-97 Qs with added small and whole group notes; Ch. 98-127 Qs from today that will be delved into tomorrow; and your fully updated Bokononist dictionary.



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