Honors 11: “The Wall” and Jean Paul Sartre

After watching Henri, the existential cat video, we began by discussing the aspects of the existentialist philosophy that we remembered from yesterday before beginning our conversation about “The Wall,” the story you read last night for today. We also watched, prior to getting into groups to work on the chart for the story, this video about the existentialist philosophy specific to Jean Paul Sartre. We shared as a class some of our ideas/identified tenets regarding the story by Sartre.

Homework: Read Gordon Bigelow’s “A Primer of Existentialism” and create a brief outline.

You will identify his overall claim at the top of your outline. You will then number/identify the major ideas he discusses, picking out 3 supporting details from each of the 6 sections. At the end of the brief outline, you will write 3 QTIOs (Questions, thoughts, insights or observations). Email me by midnight your best QTIO (only 1). You will be submitting a hard copy of your outline tomorrow.

i.e. Claim: Bigelow works to prove that…

  1. “Existence Precedes Essence”
    1. a. The first supporting idea/detail embodied in this section is… (these may be short/fragmented)
    2. b. …
    3. c. …
  2. “Reason is impotent…”
    1. a.
    2. b.
    3. c.
  3. Alienation or Estrangement
    1. etc.

3 QTIOs:

**You will turn “The Wall” chart in with your outline tomorrow.


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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