Honors 11: PN Samples and Ch. 14-17 Quiz

We spent the first part of the hour looking at a few other samples of personal narratives, and here are a few more if you are interested. We then spent the next ~25 minutes continuing to edit our narratives and provide feedback to others. The final draft of the PN is due Monday morning by 7:40 a.m. to turnitin.com along with a hard copy (and all drafts) in class that day.

Next, we took a verbal Ch. 14-17 quiz.

Your homework is as follows: 1. Based on your reading of Ch. 16, add answers to the Ch. 14-16 q’s where applicable. 2. Next, you are to find 2-3 quotes (2 from each chapter) from chapters 16 and 17. You will write out the line(s) and then add a brief explanation of significance to that chapter or your understanding of Chris/his journey. 3. Annotations (in two colors-trans. threads and ITW connections) of one of the Eddie Vedder songs from the ITW soundtrack given to you OR a ~20-line poem of trans. significance that you have written. 4. Read Ch. 18 (last chapter!)

P.S. The extra credit response opportunity linked in yesterday’s post is not due until Sunday night at midnight to turnitin.com.

After the narrative has been submitted Monday, we will relax and watch some of the film, and then review on Tuesday. You’re almost there!

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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