Honors 11: Ch. 14-15 of ITW

We spent the first part of the hour going over active vs. passive voice. Here are the answers to the back of the packet.

Next, I gave you the hour to work on these Ch. 14-16 questions (to be completed for the first two chapters and will be developed further tomorrow) as well as these Eddie Vedder lyrics. You are picking one song to analyze/annotate with an eye to transcendental threads/ connections and connections to Into the Wild. OR, you can write a 20-line transcendental poem/song of your own. The questions will be stamped in tomorrow while the lyrics OR poem will be stamped in on Thursday.

I also decided that all chapter questions, “Civil Disobedience” questions, and the Vedder lyrics/own poem will be submitted on the date of your exam rather than this Friday.

Homework-wise, you are finishing the draft of your personal narrative and bringing in a hard copy tomorrow (email me if you’d like for me to print it out for you/also, don’t worry about ID’ing active/passive voice; we will do so tomorrow during our editing process–remember to track your changes with a highlighter on the draft from Friday) and you are also reading Ch. 16-17 of ITW for THURSDAY (not tomorrow).

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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