Honors 11: End of 1984

We first wrapped up our discussion leader conversations from yesterday before delving into the end of the book with our final discussion leaders.

Below are the Google doc forms and subsequent quizzes for today’s class’s discussion leaders.

3rd Hour: Google Doc  + quiz

5th Hour: Google Doc + quiz

6th Hour: Google Doc + quiz

After, if there was time, we began discussing the connections made between the Huxley chapter on “Brainwashing” and 1984.

Homework: Read George Lakoff’s chapter from “What Orwell Didn’t Know”. Email me the answer in Q/A form to one of these response questions as well as your own derived QTIO (ONE question, thought, insight, OR observation in regards to the piece–can also be in conjunction to something else we read). Make sure your name is either in your email address or in the subject line. Do so by midnight tonight.

Also, here’s your exam review. The test is Monday.


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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