English 10: Sample Essay and Jeopardy Review

I first checked in your pre-writing packets for completion prior to us looking at a sample essay. You should begin drafting over the weekend.

We then played jeopardy to review for our test tomorrow. Remember, the review that you have is optional but will be 3 extra credit points on the test if completed and submitted tomorrow.

Also, your notebooks, with the reflection on the Anthem essay feedback, is due tomorrow as well.

Here’s the notebook requirements:

Animal Farm Notebook Check-Collected November 13th, 2015   ____/81

  1. Our Country Project Notes _____/5
  2. Bell Work 10.26.15 _____/2 (Our Country Project Reflection)
  3. Bell Work 10.27.15 ______/2 (Orwell writing-NPR Notes)
  4. Russian Revolution WebQuest _____/23
  5. Intro to Animal/George Orwell Notes _____/5
  6. Russian Revolution Timeline Notes _____/10
  7. Animal Farm Annotations _____/20 (2 pts. Per chapter -.25 for each late chapter)
  8. Circular Plot Notes from 11.6.15 ____/2
  9. Niemoller Poem Reflection _____/2
  10. Bell Work 11.11.15 _____/5 (Comma Use/SSR Reflection)
  11. Anthem Essay Feedback Reflection _____/5

About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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