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Honors 11: Harold Bloom

After we returned Gatsby books and received Macbeth books, I introduced to you literary critic, Harold Bloom. We watched a 1998 interview with him on Charlie Rose and took notes. We then worked in small groups to answer 3 of … Continue reading

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English 10: “Our Country” Projects + Intro to Orwell/Animal Farm

We finished up our “Our Country” project presentations first before taking notes in our notebooks on our author George Orwell and then also concerning important terms/ideas associated with the novel we will begin Monday titled Animal Farm. Here’s a video of interest … Continue reading

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Spectator: Break Out Sessions

Covering Controversial Topics: Editorial Writing Over the next two days, I’m going to ask you to write an editorial as a group, but first you must read about editorials and read sample editorials. Using this lesson plan, and addressing all linked information, you … Continue reading

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