English 10: Summer Reading Essays Returned and Non-Fiction Article Connection Work

We began the day by sharing our Ch. 5-8 take home PIDs with another student before turning them in to the inbox.

After, I talked you through your reflection assignment on your summer reading essay (using the rubric I filled out and the comments on turnitin.com) that is due Thursday. The directions are attached. You will be able to get back 5 points on your essay as well as 100% in the homework section in the gradebook.

I then placed you in groups to work through a difficult article that dealt with the concepts of individuality, identity and collectivism (normally we just read the first 4-5 pages of each article as some are very long). You read through them in small groups, annotating as you read. You then used this chart to draw connections to Anthem and come to an understanding about what that connection depicts about people and society in general. The articles are linked here for your use.

We will continue to work in small groups on Wednesday. It was not homework to finish.

Please bring your SSR book tomorrow as you will have a sub.

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About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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