Honors 11: Dutchman

We first took a quick quiz on Dutchman. Hopefully, it was easy since you read. We then watched Amiri Baraka in 2010 at Def Jam reading his poem, “Why is we Americans?” We talked briefly about Amiri’s message/purpose and the connections we could make to previous readings. You then got to work on these discussion questions, and on the back you completed character focus work for either Clay or Lula, considering the following: 1. Even though Jones says they are individual characters, what could they represent/symbolize in terms of larger ideas? 2. Describe each in detail–personality, looks, characteristics, changes in character, etc. 3. What lines help readers understand your character and Amiri’s purpose in framing them this way?

Here’s some additional information about Emmett Till and Adam and Eve. They will help with the discussion questions.

Last homework for the year (besides studying for the final): Read Costello’s “LeRoi Jones: Black Man as Victim.”

Here’s the final exam review.


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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