Honors 11: Research Day

We went to the lab today, and I spent the first 5-10 minutes discussing the essay and what kinds of sources you should look for and reiterating what a flash point for your essay could/should be. I tried to clarify any general confusion. Remember, we will take this step by step, together. Don’t get overwhelmed. Take each part as it comes. I then gave you the rest of the hour to try to find 2-3 sources (remember, you may use any we read/watch in class as potential sources). Try to find sources that are dense, critical and provide interesting commentary concerning your narrowed topic of selection. Narrowing your focus as much as possible will be key. Use MEL/NYTimes/etc. for sources. Informational sources can be utilized to provide clarification but should not be one of your three main sources. I checked in with each of you (or almost each of you) to answer any individual questions you might have and share with me your topic/what sources you’ve found.

Here are some interesting op-docs to check out (we’ve already watched one together):

An African’s Message for America

The Deadly Cost of Fashion

Chinese on the Inside

VHS vs. Communism

Occupy Bakery

Bodies on the Border

Congo: The Road to Ruin

Bring your sources found on Monday. Feel free to start considering, once you’ve read through/watched your selected sources, what type of evolution will occur from your original claim, or even what the initial claim will look like. We will workshop thesis statements on Monday.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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