English 10: Ch. 7-13 of Catcher

So, today we had a lot to cover. We began by finishing up our Ch. 11-13 poster presentations and taking notes on the handout. We will submit those on a later date (most likely Thursday because I have something I’d like you to complete on the back before submitting.)

I then had you take the Ch. 7-13 quiz. After turning in your quiz, I gave you back the Ch. 4-6 PID and Ch. 1-10 quiz. You may turn both quiz corrections in at the beginning of the hour tomorrow (Wednesday). In terms of the corrections made, Ch. 4-6 needs to be addressed by answering any incomplete portions or my questions in a separate color and adding depth to your responses. The Ch. 1-10 quiz can be corrected by identifying a quote(s) that proves the right answer. It must be properly cited parenthetically.

We then stamped in the Ch. 14-16 annotations and discussed verbally.

Bring your SSR book tomorrow. I moved the due date for the 1-page creative writing assignment to midnight tomorrow (4/22).


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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