English 10: EDPs in the lab

We had to go do our EDPs in the lab today, but when we got back we discussed Allie a bit more after I stamped in your Ch. 4-6 quotes from yesterday.

The required quotes (include pg. #s) + detailed explanation of significance in a chart format were as follows:

1. Find a quote that shows a negative/annoying characteristic of Holden’s and explain what that indicates about him.

2. Find evidence to depict a positive trait of Holden’s and what we can understand through that characteristic about Holden.

3. Find a quote that references when he is wearing his read hunting hat (peak to the back/front) a certain way and what he may be feeling regarding when he wears it that way.

4. I would like you to find a quote that depicts Holden’s feelings regarding Jane Gallagher being Stradlater’s date for the evening and how his reaction allows us a greater insight to his character (Holden’s).

5. Quote regarding Allie/the composition and what that depicts to us about Holden and the long-term effects his brother’s death has had.

6. The last one will be a quote regarding the fight between Stradlater and Holden (either what Holden does and why or what he says to Stradlater, etc.)

**Underneath the quote chart, I also had us jot down the following today in our notebooks: 1. Write down any facts Holden gives us about Allie (physical/personality), the day he died and what he died of. 2. What seems to be the long term effects Allie’s death has had on Holden? 3. What possesses Holden to try to fight Stradlater in Ch. 6?

HAVE A GREAT BREAK! You are reading Ch. 8-10 for Tuesday 4/14. We will read Ch. 7 together in class when we return from break.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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