Honors 11: Poster Presentations + Ch. 30-42

We first shared our posters in groups from Monday/Wednesday. If you have the following initials, you will need to individually, in partners, or in small groups, make up the poster to present on Monday (you can also open yourself up to new topics introduced in the novel recently): RD, SL, MD, ZL, and JS for first hour; GB, KC, JF, JK, ML, SS, MM and MW for second hour. You must also include a paragraph of analysis in addition to the two quotes correctly cited, the drawing to depict the topic, and 5 QTIs/points of significance.

I then had you take a reading quiz for Ch. 30-42. After, you got to work on your homework. You are to create a 12-bullet point list (1 bullet for each chapter), that identifies the most important moments/ideas depicted in each chapter i.e.:

  • Chapter 36: Krebbs–nihilistic poet (Jonah’s (BOK) wrang-wrang: “a person who steers people away from a line of speculation, by reducing that line, with the example of the wrang-wrang’s own life, to an absurdity” (78).), lives in apt, racks up phone bill, kills cat, writes poems in feces on wall–steers away from nihilism

This work will be stamped in tomorrow at the beginning of the hour.

We will discuss the satire project tomorrow as well, but linked are examples from last year. Check them out and read through the directions carefully.

Reading homework for Monday: Ch. 43-69


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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