English 10: “Why I Wrote The Crucible” Summary and Response

We began the day by submitting our authentic hard copies of our Crucible Diary projects. They were due to turnitin.com last night.

We then got out our notebooks and the essay “Why I Wrote The Crucible” we were to have read and annotated for today. We then wrote 2 paragraphs, one of summary and one of response. The one of summary was just about pulling out the main ideas and important points and stringing them together in 5-7 sentences using transitional phrases to connect ideas. The 5-7 sentence response required you to create a claim as your first sentence as something regarding the essay to be proven. You were then to provide your analytical take on the essay using at least 1-2 embedded quotes/pieces of evidence. You were given 25 minutes.

We then got into small groups to discuss these attached questions. You took at least 5 notes of interesting answers/insightful comments made during the discussion in your notebooks on the page after the summary/response work.

You were then given this SSR final project for the semester to read over for tomorrow. It’s due Monday the 12th. Bring your SSR book tomorrow.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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