English 10: The Crucible Begins

We first finished the notes from yesterday’s class. They are attached. I checked those in with the webquest for points. We also turned in our Animal Farm books.

After, we got out our notebooks in which to take annotations for each act of The Crucible, and we began reading Act I (we skimmed through Miller’s background information that is not part of the play itself but is there for context). The play in pdf form (you have to scroll down a bit to around pg. 6 for the play itself) and audio is attached. Third hour got to a little after Thomas Putnam enters, and we ended with Parris’ line that reads “They will howl me out of Salem for such corruption in my court,” while sixth hour did not get quite as far, but they got to Abigail’s line to Parris when she asks, “Do you begrudge my bed, uncle?”.

We will continue reading on Monday. Have a nice weekend! 🙂


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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