Honors 11: 1984 Intro

We began the day/week by debriefing the Macbeth unit, specifically the panel discussion assignment, so I could take some constructive criticism on the unit and culminating assignments.

Here’s the 1984 unit calendar.

After, I tried to briefly refresh your memory of George Orwell aka Eric Blair. Attached are some background notes and some themes to consider about the novel. Second hour watched this YouTube clip because they had time. Here’s some general background for the novel as well. I will give you a hard copy of this tomorrow.

I then assigned the Discussion Leader Assignment. Attached is First Hour’s and Second Hour’s with assigned dates and the description of what is required.

You were then given the rest of the time to read Orwell’s essay “Politics and the English Language.” Your assignment was to annotate as needed and find *2 points of interest, -2 points of exception in which you take issue with something said, and =2 points of connection to outside knowledge/previous readings/etc.

You are also to read I. i,ii (so, the first two sections of Book One) of 1984.

Don’t forget about the extra credit viewing of Macbeth at the Main Art Theatre in Royal Oak at 7 pm on Tuesday (11/11). you must then submit your ticket with a 1/2 page response/review by Friday.


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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