English 10: Animal Farm Test Review

We reviewed for the test today. The Animal Farm test is tomorrow. We played jeopardy and reviewed the allegory. The review is attached in the previous post. Remember that you are turning in your notebooks tomorrow.

Here’s the answer key for the Russian Revolution allegory/historical connections worksheet from today:

1. U          7. V          13. F          19. K          25. N

2. G          8. W        14. P          20. E         26. C

3. Y          9. X          15. R          21. D

4. Z          10. T         16. S          22. B

5. J           11. M        17. Q          23. I

6. H          12. L        18. A          24. O


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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