English 10: Grammar and Orwellian Writing

We began the day by going over the answers to this grammar “test” from yesterday. If you corrected all of your work, you got full points.

We then took out our Orwellian writing packets and discussed the main points of those articles and what Orwellian writing was most likely and how it is a commonly misunderstood descriptor for styles of writing or speech in the political arena. We also paired up to edit our Ch. 5 paragraph of analysis. We labeled the required parts of their paragraph and whether or not it was done well or was unclear in any way. We turned these packets into the inbox.

I then checked in your Ch. 6-7 annotations. We did not have time to go over them.

I handed out the following essay assignment. Prewriting will be due on Oct. 30. The essay rough draft is due on Nov. 6, and the final draft of the essay is due Nov. 12. Please read through it for Monday along with reading Ch. 8-10 + annotations (i.e. finish the novel).


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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