English 10: Animal Farm Ch. 5 + Orwellian Writing

Before I stamped in Ch. 5, we went over what happened in the chapter as it is a climactic moment stemming from building tension between Snowball and Napoleon i.e. Trotsky and Stalin.

I then gave you these two articles on Orwellian writing to annotate as needed. One has questions attached that must also be completed.

You also had an assignment for the back that asked you to write a paragraph of analysis that dealt with a claim and a specific example/piece of evidence that could be analyzed to illuminate the importance of the chapter and/or novel as a whole. Requirements were as follows:

1. Begin with a claim/thesis-like statement: i.e. Napoleon clearly mirrors/parallels Stalin in his use of fear/intimidation to gain total control.

2. Transition into example/context before providing an actual piece of evidence to support the example.

3. Provide evidence from the novel–blend and cite correctly i.e. Napoleon made “a high pitched whymper” (Orwell 67).

4. Analyze how the example/evidence proves your claim/thesis. Delve deeply into this. It should be the longest part of your paragraph.

5. Wrap up the paragraph’s purpose in a summarizing statement.

HOMEWORK FOR THURSDAY: Complete the above work and read/annotate Ch. 6-7.

I’ve attached wikipedia page links on the following for a deeper look at who they were and what their role in the Russian Revolution was: Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Take a look! Browse! Learn more!


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