Honors 11: Fitz Letters and Gatsby Ch. 8

We began the day sharing some of the answers to the questions regarding Fitzgerald’s letters and how we can use his own writing to help us to better characterize him as an author. We then transitioned into Ch. 8 questions. We discussed them in detail. First hour still needs to finish. I then gave you two poems, one by Shelley, a Romantic poet, and Smith, an English modernist poet, concerning the Pharaoh/King Ramses II of Egypt, or Ozymandias in Greek. They produced the two sonnets in and around 1818 as a competition in sonnet writing. I asked you to annotate generally, without connection to Gatsby, for Friday. They make similar points in telling a similar story. Try to unpack the story/moral/theme.

I’ve updated the Romanticism-at-a-glance handout. Here it is.

Extra Credit: Email me a screenshot of the completion screen once you’ve played and won this Gatsby video game by Monday, October 6th.

You are reading Ch. 9 for Monday.


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