Honors 11: Ch. 5-7 of Gatsby plus letters to the editor, Maxwell Perkins

We discussed the chapter 5 questions from Monday, and we then recapped what happened in chapters 6-7. You had these questions for Ch. 6 and Ch. 7 to answer. We will go over them tomorrow.

Homework: Read and respond to the correspondence between F. Scott Fitzgerald and his editor, Maxwell Perkins, in 1924. In April 1925, six months after the initial letter was sent, The Great Gatsby was published. I need you to create a claim about how the letters help you understand Fitzgerald as an author in a specific way considering authorial intent and meaning making. Prove it using embedded evidence as always. Upload your 200-word response to turnitin.com by 7:40 a.m. Wednesday morning.


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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