Spectator: Story Telling

There is a Flickr-based project titled the Five Card Story. It is about randomly selecting photos and using those photos to create a story that cohesively blends all the pictures together. As journalists, we are also story tellers. In your groups you are going to come up with a story to which these pictures can speak. You will then share your story with the class. All group members must speak, and the pictures must be sequentially incorporated into the story i.e. they will stay in the order in which they were given to you (left to right). The rest of the class will look at your group’s pictures while you verbally tell the story. Good luck. Sample story written underneath pictures in this example. Here’s another one. If there’s a story already underneath your specific photo story, come up with your own! Creativity is key here.

Group 1’s Pictures: Miles B., Zoe B., Kit C., Bennett H., Will S.

Group 2’s Pictures: Sloan E., Drew L., Cam C., Jake K., Emma W.

Group 3’s Pictures: Katelyn W., Josh S., Nicole D., Maisy C.

Group 4’s Pictures: Annie S., Justin F., Corey L., Jessica C., Malindi L.

Group 5’s Pictures: Adam Y., Cobian G. Josh R., Madison H.

You have 10 minutes to come up with your story. Feel free to print a set up pictures and head out into the hall to make up your story.

If we have time, we’re going to do a TodaysMeet


About Emily Mullins

English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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