Honors 11: Charting Stories with Kurt Vonnegut

Today (Tuesday–I’m posting this a day early), we will discuss Ch. 29-42 then take the quiz in partners. I added the following to the quiz:

On the back/separate sheet of paper:

1. Respond to Vonnegut’s “Why My Dog is Not a Humanist” speech: a. Explain Vonnegut’s overall implications/meaning b. Explain Vonnegut’s views on/ definition of humanism c. Explain what else is being depicted about Kurt through this speech

2. Find two examples of satire (copy down the evidence) and explain how the examples are satiric.

Afterward we will read the lecture on charting stories Vonnegut gave in 2005 in NYC. Here’s the link to the clip we watched of his lecture.

By the by: Here’s a link to the audio of Vonnegut’s speech “Why My Dog is Not a Humanist.”

HW: Ch. 43-55


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