English 10: Julius Caesar/Shakespeare Intro

Welcome back!

We began today doing bell work that answered the following questions:

1. What is difficult about reading in general?

2. You read Romeo and Juliet last year. What did you like/dislike/enjoy about reading that play? What is interesting or difficult about reading Shakespeare? Anything else about the Bard?

Next we took notes on iambic pentameter, or blank verse (unrhymed IP). I only have a hard copy, so read through this site and get the handout from me tomorrow.

After, we went to the lab to complete this webquest about Shakespeare for Thursday. Attached was a handout about Shakespeare’s unusual use of language and fill in the blanks for literary terminology. All of this, including notes we take about the background of Julius Caesar tomorrow, will be on a background quiz on Friday.

You need a book for SSR by next Wednesday.


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English and Journalism teacher at Berkley High School in Berkley, MI.
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