English 10: Huxley’s “Brainwashing” and Ch. 5-8

We finished our work today reading and annotating Huxley’s chapter on “Brainwashing.” Then we shared as a class our evidence and interpretation chart, adding to ours as we shared as a class. Afterwards, we worked on these Ch. 5-8 questions (9-12 are also attached but don’t worry about those). We will go over them tomorrow and turn them in with our Brainwashing chart/annotations. We will read Ch. 9 together on Thursday and you will read Ch. 10-11 + annotations for Friday. We will read and annotate Ch. 12 as a class then.

Please bring your SSR book tomorrow and your name “poster” assignment.

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Spectator: Sports and Review Writing

After we discuss feature and opinion writing, check out the attached slide share and how to about review writing. Take notes.

Next, you are going to take a look at some examples of good sports writing. Write a list of the things good sports writing does. Feel free to find your own examples. Here’s some information about sports features.

We will discuss towards the end of the hour.

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Honors 11: Gatsby Ch. 1 Characterization + Keats’ “Ode to a Nightingale”

First hour, thanks for your patience today! Traffic is the worst :(. We began the morning discussing the NY geography (thanks, Mr. Duffy!), so you could picture the setting, fictionally based off of NY’s set up with Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, (the burrows) etc. Afterwards, you were given these questions to work on for Ch. 1. We discussed Nick and the rest of the characters to which we have been introduced.

Then, I gave you your homework. You are to read and annotate this John Keats’ poem titled “Ode to a Nightingale.” Keats was Fitzgerald’s favorite poet. In the opening chapter of Gatsby, there is a nightingale in the yard singing, in the “very romantic outdoors.” Please annotate as to your own general analysis but then also in conjunction/connection with the text specifically. You may use two different color inks. No response is required tonight. I changed the calendar.

OPTIONAL: Take a look at these two pieces. One is about a flapper named Edith Cummings, a socially elite golfer. Sound familiar? The other is about the concept of new money/appearances. Take a read.

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English 10: Ch. 1-4 Quiz and Huxley’s “Brainwashing”

We finished going over the Ch. 1-4 Discussion Guide from Friday and turned it into the inbox. Afterwards, I checked in your Ch. 5-8 annotations. We then took a quiz on Ch. 1-4 using our notes. You were then given Aldous Huxley’s chapter on “Brainwashing” from his book Brave New World Revisited. Your assignment was to read and annotate and then, on the back, make connections to the plot events or ideas in Anthem using an evidence/interpretation chart.

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Honors 11: Gatsby Ch. 1

First hour had to finish the A&E Bio on Fitzgerald from Friday. Afterwords, we took some contextualizing notes concerning WWI, Prohibition, Women’s Suffrage Movement, Gangsterism, etc. We then began reading Ch. 1 together to discuss Nick Carraway, our narrator’s, 1st person narration and whether or not it is reliable. You continued reading individually or in small groups. Please finish Ch. 1 for homework.

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English 10: Anthem Ch. 1-4 + Power of Language

We started today with an interview with Frank Luntz, political writer, and Stephen Colbert on effective communication. We discussed the power of language and how politicians try to create a way to try to make sure people side with them. Afterwards, we continued with our Ch. 1-4 discussion guide (we will finish discussing and turn it in on Monday). I assigned this name assignment for homework for TUESDAY.

HOMEWORK: Ch. 5-8 of Anthem + annotations for Monday! Name poster for Tuesday!

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Honors 11: Great Gatsby Beginnings

We watched the A&E Biography today on F. Scott Fitzgerald, titled The Great American Dreamer (it is linked in 5 parts–may be taken off because of copyright issues, so watch it now!). Also, in part 3 skip 1:46-2:43 so as to not ruin the ending of the novel. We answered these questions as we viewed the biography. We will begin the novel on Monday.

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