English 10: Animal Farm Essay Sample and End of Novel

We wrapped up the Animal Farm novel at the beginning of the week. Your annotations (your notebook) are due Tuesday, the day of the Animal Farm test. Here’s an optional review to complete should you so choose. We will review in class on Monday. The rest of the week will be used for continued drafting of your Animal Farm essay. We ran out of time today for me to check in your prewriting packets, so I will have to do so Monday 11/3. The rough draft will still be due Thursday by the end of the hour, 11/6. Here’s the sample essay we looked at today for your reference.

There’s an Extra Credit opportunity due by next Friday if you annotate, in detail, one of the songs off Pink Floyd’s dark 1977 album, Animals.

Sixth hour, remember to watch the Stalin biography titled Red Terror and take a 1/2 page of bulleted notes in your notebooks by Tuesday.

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Honors 11: End of Macbeth, Critical Readings, and Test Review

As I’ve been offline for a few days, I apologize for not having posted recently. We just wrapped up our dramatic reading performances and thus the end of the play as well. I hope you enjoyed The Tragedy of Macbeth. Your test on Macbeth is next Friday, but I thought I would give you the quotes/important passages to know, so you can start reviewing now.

Also, I assigned the critical essay panel discussion assignment for next Tuesday-Thursday. The essays are also linked:

#1: “In Deepest Consequence” (11/4)

#2: “Seeing Through Macbeth” (11/5)

#3: “The Perversion of Manliness in Macbeth” (11/6)

We will wrap up the play with some conversation and scene comparison work on Monday. You will have some time to meet with your critical reading group Monday as well.

Also, remember that on Nov. 11 the Main is showing Macbeth, For extra credit, you may bring me the ticket and a 1/2 page response/review.

Happy Halloween!

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English 10: End of Novel, cont.

We started today by going over the broken commandments from yesterday in our notebooks. Afterwards, we looked at this Martin Niemoller poem, “First They Came…” to enter into our conversation about bystanders. We also constructed a brief circle plot on the back. We then filled out this chart regarding the entire allegory depicted in the novel.

We discussed the essay afterwards.

Bring your SSR book tomorrow.

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Honors 11: Macbeth End of Act III + Scene Comparisons

Dramatic Reading group # 4 went first today. After, we discussed Act III.iv-vi (first hour had to also go over the first three scenes of the act from yesterday). We then watched the banquet scenes with Banquo’s ghost (III.iv) from the BBC and PBS versions. First hour will need to discuss at the beginning of the hour tomorrow.

HOMEWORK: Read Act IV and finish the Act III theme/motif work.

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English 10: End of Animal Farm

We took an end of novel quiz today at the beginning of the hour to do an easy reading check. I then checked in annotations for Ch. 8-10. We will turn in annotations/our notebooks on the day of the Animal Farm test (next Tuesday 11/4). The essay Rough Draft is due next Thursday 11/6. The final draft is due by midnight to turnitin.com on 11/12.

We discussed each chapter, adding notes to our annotations, if necessary. You then did an assignment in your notebooks concerning the breaking of the commandments.

Your homework is to read over the essay assignment. Sixth hour must also watch and take notes (1/2-1 page) on this A & E biography titled Joseph Stalin: Red Terror in their notebooks. Please do so by Tuesday of next week.

Here’s an updated calendar.

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Honors 11: Macbeth Act III Scenes 1-3

We began the hour by taking a quick and easy quiz on Act II and the beginning of Act III. We then discussed the opposing principle¬†of appearance vs. reality in terms of Act II and the reactions of the characters to Duncan’s death. Dramatic Reading group #3 then performed. Second hour was able to discuss what happened in Act III.i-iii while first hour will need to do so tomorrow as we were interrupted by half of the class having to leave. Everyone was able to then have the last 10-20 minutes to prepare for tomorrow by working on the attached Act III work and/or reading the rest of Act III for tomorrow.

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English 10: Grammar and Orwellian Writing

We began the day by going over the answers to this grammar “test” from yesterday. If you corrected all of your work, you got full points.

We then took out our Orwellian writing packets and discussed the main points of those articles and what Orwellian writing was most likely and how it is a commonly misunderstood descriptor for styles of writing or speech in the political arena. We also paired up to edit our Ch. 5 paragraph of analysis. We labeled the required parts of their paragraph and whether or not it was done well or was unclear in any way. We turned these packets into the inbox.

I then checked in your Ch. 6-7 annotations. We did not have time to go over them.

I handed out the following essay assignment. Prewriting will be due on Oct. 30. The essay rough draft is due on Nov. 6, and the final draft of the essay is due Nov. 12. Please read through it for Monday along with reading Ch. 8-10 + annotations (i.e. finish the novel).

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