English 10: SSR and Grammar

First, we took our MAZE test. We then read for the first part of the hour for SSR Wednesday, and then we completed an exit pass that was grammar-based in terms of sentence patterns and commonly confused words. We will continue with “Harrison Bergeron” tomorrow.

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Honors 11: Ch. 6-7 Discussion and Ch. 7 PID

We had to take a MAZE test today. It happened. We moved on. Afterwards we discussed the concept of dreams, reality and time with your Ch. 6-7 questions. We then created our own Ch. 7 PID as our quiz. With the remaining time we discussed Fitzgerald as we saw him in his letters to his editor, Max Perkins. Here are some more letters to Fitzgerald from Perkins and vice versa if they should interest you to read. You were assigned one of the attached questions to answer for homework concerning the letters. We will continue the conversation tomorrow.

Homework: Ch. 8

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English 10: Harrison Bergeron

We began today by having 6th hour finish sharing/presenting their concept maps. First hour finished yesterday. We then debriefed the process.

Next, we read the satiric story Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut (here’s an interview with Vonnegut on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart). As we read, we annotated and discussed its implications and connections to Anthem. We also discussed satire and what it entails as a genre. We watched this funny Key & Peele sketch that makes fun of insult comedy/comics (what satire is definitely not).  Sixth hour also watched this Onion “news” report which is trying to make a statement about teenagers and their generation as a whole. We also started to watch the related short film, 2081: Everyone Will Finally be Equal. It can be rented on YouTube. We will continue the conversation on Thursday.

Interesting video: “How is Ayn Rand Still A Thing?” by John Oliver :)

Bring your SSR book tomorrow.

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Honors 11: Ch. 5-7 of Gatsby plus letters to the editor, Maxwell Perkins

We discussed the chapter 5 questions from Monday, and we then recapped what happened in chapters 6-7. You had these questions for Ch. 6 and Ch. 7 to answer. We will go over them tomorrow.

Homework: Read and respond to the correspondence between F. Scott Fitzgerald and his editor, Maxwell Perkins, in 1924. In April 1925, six months after the initial letter was sent, The Great Gatsby was published. I need you to create a claim about how the letters help you understand Fitzgerald as an author in a specific way considering authorial intent and meaning making. Prove it using embedded evidence as always. Upload your 200-word response to turnitin.com by 7:40 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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English 10: Concept Maps, cont. + Extended Response

We finished the concept maps today in our groups and presented to another group how we came to understand our question conceptually. I talked about the extended response for one of the Anthem questions and the due date being moved to tomorrow night by midnight (Tuesday, Sept. 30).

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Honors 11: Ch. 5-6 of Gatsby

First hour had to take the chapter 5 quiz as second hour took it on Wednesday of last week. I then returned your “Ode to a Nightingale” responses. Many were very well done.

After, we began finding significant moments in chapter 5 to discuss as a class. We then worked on the attached questions. We will go over Ch. 6-7 tomorrow. Chapter 7 is long, so give yourself enough time tonight to read it for homework.

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English 10: Concept Map and Extended Response Assignment

Today, we introduced the idea of a concept map. I explained and went through an example. You then got in groups, were assigned a question, and began working on constructing your own concept map. It was a bit like organized chaos on paper.

We will finish on Monday and present.

You have an assignment due on Monday by 11:59 p.m. to turnitin.com. It is an extended response from one of the discussion questions you answered yesterday (that handout with all the questions is linked in the last post). You will be writing 3-4 paragraphs (1 intro, 1-2 body paragraphs, and 1 conclusion) that answers that question analytically and using evidence to support your thesis/claim. Here’s an example.

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