English 10: The Crucible Act I Film and Act II Reading Begun

After we finished Act I in the film (attached is NOT the version we are watching in class), we began reading Act II as a class maintaining corresponding annotations. Third hour got to Mary Warren’s line, “I told you the proof. It’s hard proof, hard as rock, the judges said.” Sixth hour got to Reverend Hale’s entrance after Elizabeth’s line, “She has an arrow in you yet, John Proctor, and you know it well!”

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Honors 11: 1984 2.7-10

We first took a quiz on 2.7-10 of 1984 and our discussion leaders took over afterwards for 2.7-10. First hour had a creative project for our discussion regarding the creation of a book cover.

You do not have any reading homework over the weekend. Get caught up if you’ve fallen behind. We will be looking at both of these pieces next week if you’d like to get a jump start on them: “We are the Dead” by David Bowie and “Brainwashing” which is Ch. 7 of Aldous Huxley‘s Brave New World Revisited.

Your 2nd impromptu is on Monday (it deals with 1984).

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English 10: Crucible Act I Quiz and Film

Before we took the Crucible Act I quiz, we went over the review questions given to you Wednesday. We took the quiz on Act I and background information. Afterwards, we started watching Act I in the film (it is different from the play in the way scenes are constructed, so we tried to notice differences). We will continue tomorrow and then begin reading Act II in class.

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Honors 11: 1984 2.4-6

First hour had to finish up the 2.1-3 conversation regarding their questions from the day before. Discussion leaders then led the class with important passages/plot elements/character development from 2.4-6. Your homework is to read 2.7-10 (finish book 2) and skim Goldstein’s book within chapter 9.

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English 10: SSR and Crucible Character Motivations

We silently read for the first part of the hour today, and I stamped in your Act I annotations during that time. Afterwards, we worked on the character action/motivation chart which we will continue to develop and fill out as we read all of the play. Don’t lose it!

Homework: Finish these questions as a review for the Act I quiz tomorrow. There may be background on the quiz as well, so look over your notes/webquests. We will go over the questions prior to the quiz. Know characters! Look over your annotations!

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Honors 11: 1984 2.1-3

We began the day by completing the Book OneĀ 1984 analytical work from yesterday at the end of the hour as a sort of “quiz.” After, discussion leaders (me in first hour) took us through 2.1-3 in 1984.

Homework: 2.4-6 + DL as well as submitting your Nunberg response in 250 words to turnitin.com by 7:40 a.m. tomorrow morning. Keep in mind the work you did today when providing your analysis.

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English 10: The Crucible Act I

We finished Act I today (pdf is attached–we started from page 27 of the pdf). We continued work with the character motivation chart which we will finish tomorrow. We will review prior to the quiz on Act I on Thursday. We will also watch the film for Act I Thursday/Friday before starting Act II.

Bring your SSR book tomorrow!

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