English 10: SSR and Grammar/Writing/Lit Term Quiz

We read for the first 35 minutes today silently from our SSR books, and then we took a post-writing/grammar/lit. term quiz. We have already taken it once, but now we’re seeing how we do months later.

HW: Letter from one character of Catcher to another (or from you to a character) and Ch. 11-13 + annotations. You will have a Ch. 7-13 quiz tomorrow.

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Honors 11: Globalization-Outsourcing and Outlining

We began today with Noam Chomsky’s discussion on globalization (it is in yesterday’s post), and we talked about his meaning regarding the issue.

Next, we began a discussion about outsourcing. We read this piece titled “A Tutor Half Way Around the World, but as Close as a Keyboard” by Rai. We then got into groups and used the following handout to have a conversation about the article and its implications. (2nd hour will have to do both of these tomorrow due to bubbling).

Next, I gave you this handout regarding outlining non-fiction sources. You will start the outline for the Barber piece by tomorrow. You can finish by Tuesday (1st hour can thank 2nd hour). I will give you time to work with it tomorrow and to ask questions. Typed is preferred.

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English 10: Catcher Ch. 4-6 Notes + Ch. 7-10 annotations

We began today going over these attached notes for Ch. 1-6 (some things were changed based on class ideas surrounding topics), and then we went over and checked in annotations from chapters 7-10. Well done.

I assigned the following letter assignment for homework due Thursday along with Ch. 11-13 + annotations.

Bring your SSR book tomorrow.

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Honors 11: Globalization, cont.

Today, we refreshed our memory as to what the bin Laden photo and the Goldin TEDtalk implied about what globalization entails. We then watched and discussed this TEDtalk by Leslie Chang about the voices of Chinese workers and then Auret van Heerden’s piece on “Making Global Labor Fair.” Next, we briefly listened to Noam Chomsky, libertarian socialist political philosopher and linguist, on his take on globalization. Here’s another one of Chomsky’s discussions on the topic of gloablization.

We then went up to the LMC to get an indy reading book to serve as your primary source for your research paper. Try to read 15-20 pages a night.

This Benjamin Barber reading titled Jihad vs. McWorld from 1992 must be read/annotated as needed by Thursday. There will be an outline for the reading assigned tomorrow. Here’s an in-depth sample.

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English 10: Catcher and Salinger

We started the day talking about the questions from the documentary from Friday titled Salinger (it’s on Netflix–the first 30ish minutes are key). We then used the non-fiction text “Experiencing the Death of a Sibling as an Adolescent” to answer the attached Non-Fiction Text Analysis “quiz”. On the back we wrote 7-10 sentences describing an object of importance to us (think of Holden’s attachment to Allie’s baseball mitt covered in poems written in green ink) and explained its significance to us and our lives. We turned everything in stapled together.

We will go over these notes tomorrow before I check in the annotations from Ch. 7-10 and we discuss. As a head’s up, you will have a quiz on Ch. 7-13 on Thursday, and I will stamp in annotations Thursday from Ch. 11-13.

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Honors 11: Globalization Introduction

We began today discussing our thoughts on Dr. Strangelove as well as the Cat’s Cradle/Satire unit.

Next, we started to define Globalization. We looked at a still shot of Osama Bin Laden from an October 7, 2001 broadcast from a small cave in the mountains in Eastern Afghanistan in order to understand all the global factors in play to make our receiving of that broadcast possible.

Then, we looked at this TEDtalk to help develop our understanding of globalization and what it could possibly entail for our present and future.

Here’s the unit calendar and the indy reading list (the book you choose will be the primary source for the globalization research paper).

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Honors 11 and English 10: Happy Spring Break!

Honors 11: No homework! We will discuss Dr. Strangelove when we return from break and begin our globalization unit.

English 10: Your homework is to read Ch. 7-10 of Catcher + annotations for Monday the 14th. We will finish work with the “Death of Sibling” article that day as well. We watched the documentary Salinger today and answered 4/8 questions on this viewing guide. We will discuss Monday as well.

Here’s the optional reading guide for extra credit at the end of the novel. The last two chapter numbers are mis-numbered.

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