English 10: Grammar and Orwellian Writing

We began the day by going over the answers to this grammar “test” from yesterday. If you corrected all of your work, you got full points.

We then took out our Orwellian writing packets and discussed the main points of those articles and what Orwellian writing was most likely and how it is a commonly misunderstood descriptor for styles of writing or speech in the political arena. We also paired up to edit our Ch. 5 paragraph of analysis. We labeled the required parts of their paragraph and whether or not it was done well or was unclear in any way. We turned these packets into the inbox.

I then checked in your Ch. 6-7 annotations. We did not have time to go over them.

I handed out the following essay assignment. Prewriting will be due on Oct. 30. The essay rough draft is due on Nov. 3, and the final draft of the essay is due Nov. 12. Please read through it for Monday along with reading Ch. 8-10 + annotations (i.e. finish the novel).

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Honors 11: Act II of Macbeth

We first started out the day be sharing the different moments from the first two scenes of Act II that helped us to understand the organizing principles and characters for which I was asking you to focus. We then had our second dramatic reading performance, and we then discussed the rest of Act II.

Please come prepared to discuss the first three sections of Bloom’s chapter on Macbeth to the best of your ability tomorrow. There are spoilers towards the end of section 1 (the last two lines) and the end of section 3 (the last paragraph) should you want to try to avoid those. Spoiler–it’s a tragedy. :/

You are reading the first 3 scenes of Act III for Monday.

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English 10: SSR and Grammar

We read for SSR today and then completed a grammar “test.” We will go over it first thing tomorrow.


1. Read Ch. 6-7 + annotations

2. Finish annotating as needed and answering the questions associated with the two articles on Orwellian writing.

3. Write on the back of the article packet, the Ch. 5 paragraph of analysis as described in the previous post.

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Honors 11: Act II of Macbeth

We started today by going over any Act I quotes with which you were confused. Afterwards, our first dramatic readings performed. Well done! We then discussed what happened in Act II.i-ii in detail. Macbeth is hallucinating daggers, L.M can’t “pull the trigger”, and Duncan is dead. Woah. You were then given Act II passage work to complete. I also gave you Bloom’s chapter on Macbeth, so you could start early, as you need to have the first three sections read by Friday. We will not have an associated response to complete if we all come to class prepared to discuss. An introduction to the chapter and what I want you to try to understand while reading is attached. HOMEWORK: Finish Act II

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English 10: Animal Farm Ch. 5 + Orwellian Writing

Before I stamped in Ch. 5, we went over what happened in the chapter as it is a climactic moment stemming from building tension between Snowball and Napoleon i.e. Trotsky and Stalin.

I then gave you these two articles on Orwellian writing to annotate as needed. One has questions attached that must also be completed.

You also had an assignment for the back that asked you to write a paragraph of analysis that dealt with a claim and a specific example/piece of evidence that could be analyzed to illuminate the importance of the chapter and/or novel as a whole. Requirements were as follows:

1. Begin with a claim/thesis-like statement: i.e. Napoleon clearly mirrors/parallels Stalin in his use of fear/intimidation to gain total control.

2. Transition into example/context before providing an actual piece of evidence to support the example.

3. Provide evidence from the novel–blend and cite correctly i.e. Napoleon made “a high pitched whymper” (Orwell 67).

4. Analyze how the example/evidence proves your claim/thesis. Delve deeply into this. It should be the longest part of your paragraph.

5. Wrap up the paragraph’s purpose in a summarizing statement.

HOMEWORK FOR THURSDAY: Complete the above work and read/annotate Ch. 6-7.

I’ve attached wikipedia page links on the following for a deeper look at who they were and what their role in the Russian Revolution was: Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Take a look! Browse! Learn more!

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Honors 11: Macbeth Act I.iv-vii

We discussed first Act I scenes iv-vii. I then gave you the rest of the hour to work on your focus passages to help understand specific, important moments from the text.

HOMEWORK: Act II.i-ii + Borges/Bloom/Shakespeare response

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English 10: Animal Farm Ch. 3-5

I checked in and we went over, after debriefing the PID analytical process from Friday, annotations from Ch. 3-4. Third hour got to start reading Ch. 5 together while sixth hour read it silently due to my brief absence.

Finish chapter 5 + annotations for Tuesday. We are reading Ch. 6-7 for Thursday + annotations.

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