English 10: Animal Farm Ch. 5 + Orwellian Writing

Before I stamped in Ch. 5, we went over what happened in the chapter as it is a climactic moment stemming from building tension between Snowball and Napoleon i.e. Trotsky and Stalin.

I then gave you these two articles on Orwellian writing to annotate as needed. One has questions attached that must also be completed.

You also had an assignment for the back that asked you to write a paragraph of analysis that dealt with a claim and a specific example/piece of evidence that could be analyzed to illuminate the importance of the chapter and/or novel as a whole. Requirements were as follows:

1. Begin with a claim/thesis-like statement: i.e. Napoleon clearly mirrors/parallels Stalin in his use of fear/intimidation to gain total control.

2. Transition into example/context before providing an actual piece of evidence to support the example.

3. Provide evidence from the novel–blend and cite correctly i.e. Napoleon made “a high pitched whymper” (Orwell 67).

4. Analyze how the example/evidence proves your claim/thesis. Delve deeply into this. It should be the longest part of your paragraph.

5. Wrap up the paragraph’s purpose in a summarizing statement.

HOMEWORK FOR THURSDAY: Complete the above work and read/annotate Ch. 6-7.

I’ve attached wikipedia page links on the following for a deeper look at who they were and what their role in the Russian Revolution was: Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin. Take a look! Browse! Learn more!

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Honors 11: Macbeth Act I.iv-vii

We discussed first Act I scenes iv-vii. I then gave you the rest of the hour to work on your focus passages to help understand specific, important moments from the text.

HOMEWORK: Act II.i-ii + Borges/Bloom/Shakespeare response

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English 10: Animal Farm Ch. 3-5

I checked in and we went over, after debriefing the PID analytical process from Friday, annotations from Ch. 3-4. Third hour got to start reading Ch. 5 together while sixth hour read it silently due to my brief absence.

Finish chapter 5 + annotations for Tuesday. We are reading Ch. 6-7 for Thursday + annotations.

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Honors 11: Macbeth Act I

Today, I assigned you a response to complete by Wednesday 10/22 by 7:40 a.m. You are to first type up your responses to the three Bloom interview questions plus the extra credit question answer. You will need to then, in a 200-word response, use Harold Bloom’s interview and Borges’ “Shakespeare’s Memory” as evidence to prove a claim regarding the importance of, ambiguity of, or obsession with (be creative with your claim regarding Shakespeare–does not have to remark on the example ideas just given)  Shakespeare to understand him as a so-called inventor of the Western literary canon or the original Bard.

Next, we assigned the dramatic reading groups/dates of performance:

1st hour’s groups

2nd hour’s groups

Next, we discussed Act I.i-iii of Macbeth and got started working on these focus passages from Act I.

HOMEWORK: Finish Act I

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English 10: Animal Farm Ch. 1-2 Quizzes

We first took an individual short Ch. 1-2 Quiz that simply asked you to recall facts from the novel. There was an extra credit opportunity. Afterwards, we got into groups and were assigned important quotes from both of these chapters. We constructed then, in our groups, on a big sheet of butcher paper, a PID that included identification of the speaker and the context/situation, but then also the detailed explanation of the significance of this moment in the text. We discussed, prior to beginning work, what the significance or the analysis entails. We then had to switch groups and help another group’s PID analysis be developed even further. This got more and more difficult as we worked to find nuanced aspects of theme depiction, characterization, historical/allegorical parallels, political ideology, etc. Well done. We will finish work with this assignment on Monday.

HOMEWORK: Ch. 3-4 + annotations

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Honors 11: Harold Bloom and The Invention of the Human

We watched the 1998 Charlie Rose interview with famed literary critic, Harold Bloom. You answered, in groups, three of these questions. We discussed and will continue the conversation Monday (if you were absent, you need to bring in a flash drive to get the interview from me.)

HOMEWORK: Macbeth Act I.i-iii (feel free to take notes as you read carefully)

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English 10: Animal Farm Ch. 1-2

We checked in our Animal Farm annotations from Ch. 1-2 and then went over what happened as a class, working to draw parallels from the text/narration to the Russian Revolution.

I gave you the following handouts as reference: Russian Revolution timeline, simplified and these notes on allegory, fable, themes, etc. that will be discussed throughout the reading of the text. Refer back to both as needed.

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