Spectator: Day 2

First, make sure you give Ms. M your signed syllabus and driving contracts. We will then take care of collecting ad stuff. Afterwards, you are going to be assigned partners for the Spectator style quiz and a human interest feature piece. The directions are here. Here is some information about features and feature writing.

Here’s the Google spreadsheet to fill in your birthday/cell phone #/ etc. I will make it is private as soon as everyone has filled it out. Please do so by the end of the hour.

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English 10: Day 1 Introductions

We started today off discussing the course as a whole and me as your teacher. I handed out the syllabus and your only homework is to have a parent/guardian sign it. An easy 10 points! I also gave you the turnitin.com instructions which we will use tomorrow in the LMC when we go up to pick out a book. I also gave you an English notebook that you will use for this class only. We did some quick response writing during class about ourselves, our summer, and our hopes and expectations for the school year. I hope you had a great first day!

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Honors 11: Grapes of Wrath

Today, we did some introductory stuff which included looking at the syllabus for the year as well as introducing, or reintroducing, the ideas of social realism/naturalism associated with Steinbeck’s novel. You have an impromptu essay tomorrow. My suggestion is to familiarize yourself with the plot, characters, etc. Also, your summer reading quote analysis assignment is due by 7:40 am tomorrow morning to turnitin.com. Here are turnitin.com instructions if you already lost the handout from today. Here’s the Grapes calendar.

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Spectator: Story Telling

There is a Flickr-based project titled the Five Card Story. It is about randomly selecting photos and using those photos to create a story that cohesively blends all the pictures together. As journalists, we are also story tellers. In your groups you are going to come up with a story to which these pictures can speak. You will then share your story with the class. All group members must speak, and the pictures must be sequentially incorporated into the story i.e. they will stay in the order in which they were given to you (left to right). The rest of the class will look at your group’s pictures while you verbally tell the story. Good luck. Sample story written underneath pictures in this example. Here’s another one. If there’s a story already underneath your specific photo story, come up with your own! Creativity is key here.

Group 1’s Pictures: Miles B., Zoe B., Kit C., Bennett H., Will S.

Group 2’s Pictures: Sloan E., Drew L., Cam C., Jake K., Emma W.

Group 3’s Pictures: Katelyn W., Josh S., Nicole D., Maisy C.

Group 4’s Pictures: Annie S., Justin F., Corey L., Jessica C., Malindi L.

Group 5’s Pictures: Adam Y., Cobian G. Josh R., Madison H.

You have 10 minutes to come up with your story. Feel free to print a set up pictures and head out into the hall to make up your story.

If we have time, we’re going to do a TodaysMeet

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English 10 and Honors 11: Exam Week

Exam reviews are extra credit for both finals. Study hard and good luck! Have a nice summer :)!

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Honors 11: Dutchman and Amiri Baraka

Attached is Dutchman, the 1967 film version, in 6 parts for your viewing pleasure. We will probably watch some of the clips on Thursday. Amiri Baraka contextualizes the play Dutchman for us here. If we get to it, this is the NY Times Obit for Amiri. This Democracy Now! segment focuses on the life and legacy of Baraka.

A few poems by Amiri, read by Amiri:

“Somebody Blew Up America?”

From Def Jam: “Why is We American”

Most of this we will get to Wednesday and Thursday.

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English 10: Raisin Speeches

We got through more than half of our speeches and the rest will go tomorrow. Well done today!

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